Meet Donnie.

Donnie -

Good work from a fellow USAF vet! Hey, I wanted to touch base as I have accidentally run into a fellow vet online whom I believe is homeless. He is an older gentleman, I don’t know if he has PTSD, but he asked people on one of my groups to contribute to a bank fund that he opened for donations. I don’t believe that he will get anywhere going this route. I suggested that he go online and write up his story on one of these funding websites but he did not really respond to this suggestion. I’m not certain if he knows what they are and how to access them.

He might be mentally ill, he is possibly homeless, and may have PTSD — I don’t know as we have only conversed online a few times. Could I run your organization by him and see if he would be willing to get in touch with you? He certainly needs someone’s help and if he went to the VA, they didn’t help him. But you might.

Are you just looking for funding or are you taking in vets as they hear about you? Is there a complicated process to applying for help? (I don’t think he has the capacity to go through that). I would like to send him additional information to send to him and perhaps we can get him to you…

A big “Ooh -rah” of support to you and your cause! Keep up the awesome work!

Warm Regards,

Debra Ferris

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