Dear Reader,

Trust this meets you well.

The first time we spoke, it was here, on Medium. We remember that first article. We remember those afterwards. We remember you clapped, encouraged us and shared our posts.

We remember the posts that got over a thousand views. We remember those that…


“I think everything in life is Art”.

The quote by popular English actress Helena Bonham Carter carries new meaning with each consideration, from the innocuous smile to every perfect ray of sunshine, her quote refers to the scenic moments in everyday that come impregnated with emotion.

Naturally, life and art…

On “Celia”, Tiwa Savage takes the stand. In a project that’s equal parts fun, assertive and vulnerable – we hear the sound of Tiwa taking control of her own narrative.

Tiwa Savage. Photo by Stephen Tayo

It’s not easy being queen, and it’s even harder in Tiwa’s kingdom. In the fraternity that is the Nigerian music scene, Tiwa has achieved near- impossible longevity by balancing controversy and likeability all at once. …


curious for culture.

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