Dear Reader,

Trust this meets you well.

The first time we spoke, it was here, on Medium. We remember that first article. We remember those afterwards. We remember you clapped, encouraged us and shared our posts.

We remember the posts that got over a thousand views. We remember those that got way less. We remember growing with you and becoming Medium’s top writer in Music and Art.

Today, we’re taking this journey elsewhere. We’re leaving this apartment. We’ve built our own house, you can come live with us. The address is We assure you, it’s far more comfortable. Our new home will be yours too, we want these conversations to include you and your friends.

We‘re still curious for culture – the coming months will show just that.

It’s been 3 months of wonder. Here’s to old things and a new beginning. So, farewell Medium, or so.

Your Friends,

TXT Mag.

curious for culture.