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Rodolphe Dutel

Wonder how often do you check those companies are still alive?

Because I just see Basho is still in your list, and my previous work was right using Basho’s Riak product, and got the news Basho went Bankruptcy, that was in July of 2017!
you can easily check by google search, get this ycominator thread or check their official twitter or github, there’s just no more activity after that point (July of 2017);

So, before checking more data from your list, I am concerned what’s the quality of your list freshness? Since most of your listed companies are startups within 50 employees or less, which normally has a lower surviving rate

I have some advice for you to maintain an activeness score for each company:

  1. add more columns of data, like the company’s careers page for # of active hiring, their github org account, crunchbase profile, glassdoor, linkedin, etc
  2. check each company’s latest activeness by checking all above channels,
    this can be done manually or programmatically is even better, the point is you need to check more often, once a year is not enough, at least once a quarter or monthly update is even better
  3. compare the score month over month, there are some signs you can how vibrate a company is, and some signs for probably dying: like no twitter update, no new glassdoor employee reviews, no new joins from their linkedin, has public github code but no new activities,
    if that no activeness lasts for 6 months, which means probably dying, if lasts for 18 months, which is the case of Basho no updates since July 2017, is for sure DEAD!

( P.S.:: I am also an engineer looking for remote work, have some ideas of how to calculate the activeness score, and can help if you like )