Why Trump voters are not “complete idiots”
Chris Arnade

As social media took part of the spotlight this election I sketched this out. I have pretty much the same view as to the who and below is the methodology.

The Memeist Election of 2016

1. Anti establishment liberals, centrists and right note accusations of left.
 2. They meme what the left is accusing of and “join” the alt right.
 3. “Progressive” left gets triggered and actually starts wrecking shit and
 harming people, protests funded by the globalist propagandists that originally fed them the BS in #1, MSM whips frenzy further.
 4. “Progressives” double down and ratchet up the accusations, becoming more racist, sexist and violent.
 5. Rinse and repeat 2, 3 and 4.
 6. Left becomes such a shitshow that they lose most elections, they continue to auto cycle through 3 and 4 even though 2 has mostly dried up.

Predictions: Even though Trump has always been, is and will be a liberal, the left will continue on because he’s not “progressive” enough. The MSM will stop with most of their propaganda, the left will see it as conspiracy and further radicalize. They will continue with their cognitive dissonance and ignore that their funding is coming from corporatist and banking interests that want globalization for a cheap, compliant and easily manipulable workforce. Even after reading this and verifying, they’ll ignore and continue on as it’s their religion now. A sane left will form and draw in most but the “progressives” will keep the democrats split and Trump will win in 2020. Alternatively, Trump wins in 2020 running as a democrat with the sane portion.