Order, chaos and Jordan Peterson

First, I do admire Peterson’s work. It’s doing many people a lot of good and also does a great job at describing how Christianity formed western civilization and it’s ideals that too many take for granted today. He also does a good job explaining how creativity (chaos) and conscientiousness (order, Hitler, “Men are not piano keys”) by themselves are useless and even harmful. What’s missing is the middle.

Order does matter and will generate a profit, but by itself we get the uncreative corporate sorts that ride that horse till it’s dead or throws them. This is evidenced by the rampant regulatory capture, ever increasing disposable goods, decreasing options and automation. When new cultural (merchandise)items are selected, they’re mostly random and we get things like fidget spinners. When they’re cultural ideas, they’re in alignment with long term business goals.

Creatives do sometimes create their own order but it’s usually not towards a goal, when it is, you see that artistic temperament. When allowed or even encouraged to create their own order, you get otherkins and genders because there’s a serious lack of valid outlets today. Why? The middle has been cut out of most social discourse.

The middle is where the need for order is recognized, also where randomness from the creatives is gathered and fit into place. The Bible was created by the middle, it reflects the need for order as well as room for growth, adaptation and self expression. Had it been purely about conscientiousness, it would have been the Koran, openness more like Jainism or Buddhism.

The rise of the radical left isn’t due to a lack of conscientiousness, it’s due to collectivism forcing toxic elements of merit and conscientiousness. The flip side of the planning and execution of conscientiousness is expectation of consistency, for business it’s a steady history and spotless record, even if they must import workers. For the left, it’s simple representation, if they don’t see x race or gender in a place it’s discrimination, less than 10 ethnic restaurants to pick from, they’re uncultured hicks, no familiar chain stores, it’s a backwater.

As I mentioned, this came about due to collectivism, states and regions used to be different markets, different cultures, different hierarchies. Apply Price or Pareto and it’s a disaster, except for the 1% pushing globalism, they’ll get more. Though they protest the 1%, the leftists also want this, representations of all people everywhere they assume. Both have a common goal but to different ends and neither realize that the pursuit of that goal is causing their problems. The middle that aren’t overly high on conscientiousness or creativity were the ones that kept the peace, the small business owners, they were concerned with both profits and social impact, they employed those ~85 IQ types sweeping, stocking, prepping material for skilled craftsmen and whatnot. The only result of more collectivism is going to be global communism, more unrest or both.

It seems we have a choice to encourage regionalization, division, borders, tariffs and whatnot or hope that some elements of western civilization survive the implosion.

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