White People: I Want You To Understand Yourselves Better
Ijeoma Oluo

What you’ve missed about white people

Same stuff that white people experience but there’s no one else to blame so we’re forced to deal with it. Wrong hair cut or color, you’re sent home from school or given a warning,fired from work. Wear the wrong clothes, followed in stores, too poor for different clothes, you’re stuck with it.

As to the loud, boisterous speech and behavior, that is a class division which is much more pronounced among the majority of whites. I was going to say be thankful for the greater inclusivity with that behavior but I think that’s worked against most minorities. The left has leveraged all issues to be about race when they’re about values and behavior, most of what you described is the same reactions of the middle class to rednecks, hillbillies or whatever other label you want to apply. The higher you go on the socio-economic ladder, the more exacting the standards become for dress, speech and mannerisms to the point where a scuff on a shoe or a single misspoken word is a major scandal and grounds for ostracism.

Before “so whites are just better”, no, it does suck because it’s a major limit on expression and definitely a higher level of expectation. The upside is you know what you can expect from others and can lead to much greater social cooperation and trust. Down side, it can be an emotional/mental pressure cooker in the upper classes and you end up with Elliot Rodgers.

Even if it’s like sandpaper on your soul I suggest you read “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” by Thomas Sowell for better understanding.