You must like dealing with people to be great at management.
Unintuitive Things I’ve Learned about Management (Part 1)
Julie Zhuo

It's like being a professor, you must like teaching to be a great teacher. If you prefer researching, then researcher would be a better title for you. The tittle professor is supposed to be both but in a lot of cases it’s unrealistic.

It is also probably why we are having such a hard time to find a director for research: you want someone who is excellent in research AND management, I will be truly awed by that person’s time management skills -- how can you dive into some deep work for a long period time while you also need to communicate with people all the time? That’s the answer I am seeking, truthfully, while struggling between emails, meetings, stop-by versus reading and thinking and all those deep peaceful work.

Is it even possible to have both? I hope.

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