The Connection Between Logic’s New Album “Everybody” and Business Innovation?

So, writing this is very difficult for me. Simply because even though I’m not in the picket line everyday and I’m not “deep into the movement” I am very self aware and I have had my ear on the pulse of Hip-hop for most of my life. Even more so in the last 5–7 years, because of my online radio career. I hear alot of new music from different artist from all over the world, but that isn’t what this post is about. This is simply about the state of Hip-Hop and innovation in America. *Disclaimer* There will be some generalizations in this piece, so please don’t take it personal.

Now since that’s out of the way let’s get to business. First of all let me say my three favorite major Hip Hop releases in the last 12 months are J.Cole’s “4 Your Eyez Only”, Kendrick Lemar’s “DNA”, and now Logic’s “Everybody”. These albums are no where near comparable and I would never rate them that way. That’s for the magazines and blogs. I am a fan who just so happens to listen to lyrics and not just the catchy hooks. Because of that, this morning while on my way to the office I listened to “Everybody” and I was blown away. Just as much as Kendrick’s and J Cole’s ablums respectfully.

However even though Logic is very outspoken on his mixed heritage and diverse background, at first blush you will think he is white. Here is where it gets deeper for me. I’m 40 and not ashamed to admit it so I grew up in what I call the “Golden Age” of Hip-Hop. In the 90’s diversity was the only way you could get a record deal. Imagine my delight to hear Chuck D in full Public Enemy mode on the track “America”. This made me really think about the state of Hip-Hop and why so many artists tend to not understand that diversity should be embraced when it comes to your craft. This includes business start-ups. Lets go one step futher.

Logic’s New Album Everybody

How can you be successful in any industry if you don’t look to the past to see what worked and failed in order to develop something new? How can you dismiss the contributions of artists like Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Onyx, Boogie Down Productions and Marley Marl? (Notice I didn’t say the obvious names). To not do that, is like not recognizing the contributions of men like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs,and Mark Zuckerberg for the contributions they have made to your everyday life. Based on what I’ve learned, through collaborating, developing, creating mediums for new artists and talent to showcase themselves, I’m seeing the lack of diversity and innovation in the craft. Not just lyrically, but in the overall package of artist and talent development. This is being done for one reason only: To maximize the “15 minutes of fame” that comes with controversy. Talent no longer wants to be relevant for 10–15 years. They want to be around for 5 years make some money, spend it and thats that. WHERE’S THE LOGIC? (See what I did) Ha Ha!

Where is the self awareness to know yourself, and who you are so that you can deliver the best product, service, or performance? Wonder why Madonna, the Rolling Stones, and Sade can still pack stadiums? The same reason you have a Samsung 8 and are waiting patiently for the Iphone 8. Why do you have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime? Because you don’t need the VCR, DVD player or cable. Simply put, when you look at the past and respect it you can improve on it and #LevelUp with the innovation.