Working on your Business Progress, While Working on your Personal Progression

I admit when I first came up with the title of this post I said to myself “Will anyone understand what I mean?” Then I just thought “Oh well, let’s see what happens”. Let me first say, I have not proven myself to be some startup or business guru with a track record of success in startups and generating revenue for business. I can only speak for me and what my process has been, and where I am now in regards to that.

Currently, I am going through a progression both personally and professionally. On the personal side my progression includes meditation, yoga, fitness, and weight training. I even have hopes of doing a competitive bodybuilding show in the summer of 2017. Professionally, I am pursuing my master’s degree, moving forward with my consulting startup, which has online media elements such as podcasts, networking and social media. All of this is leading to the end game of complete entrepreneurship.

In this progression, I’m seeing so many parallels that I had no idea existed. At first, I thought I must be doing something wrong because things were becoming so convoluted. I was processing so much feedback from both my personal confidants on why things were stagnant and why I wasn’t making any progress both professionally and personally. I was literally paralyzed to make any decisions. I cared so much about people and their opinions on my business and projects.

I was so afraid I would fail. That’s what I believed, because that’s what people said.


What I heard from my so calles

I swear it sounded like the voices of Charlie Brown’s parents “Waah Wah Waah”. How can you want to be a business owner when you are afraid to make a decision? I’m so grateful that I was introduced to meditation. It changed my life. I meditated recently for almost a whole weekend, and reflected on all of the experiences and situations that led me to that point of fear. Finally, on day 2 it hit me like a brick.

THIS IS WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! I was supposed to clear out the noise and just listen. By just listening the best change happened. First on the inside then on the outside.

Both personal and professional progression are supposed to go hand and hand. They are supposed to feed off each other. You can’t have one without the other. Growth, achievement, peace of mind, drive, focus, and success are byproducts of self-awareness and enlightenment. Once your vision, mind, body, and spirit are aligned everything else falls in place. Something as simple as taking a 5 minute peace of mind break before you walk in your office can change the course of your business.

You’ll be surprised with the results.

For my startup I am learning every day to ask several questions to myself that that keeps all my focus on alignment. Ask yourself am I being self-aware? Has my self-awareness created vision? Does the vision create a market for my goods and services? Will the services create revenue? Will the revenue create growth? Finally will the growth create progress and change in the industry.

I have tried to find examples of successful people in any industry that haven’t used this formula and found success. I didn’t find one single person. NOT ONE! Ultimately the question has to be asked what are we doing with our lives and why aren’t out businesses growing? Sometimes it takes a heavy dose of self-evaluation and vision assessment to get both your personal and professional lives back in realignment.

It’s a simple question. Do you want to stay still or do you want to progress?

Choose carefully