Delivery Failure

“Sudha come to bed, it’s pretty late now”, said her husband while taking off his specs and putting down the newspaper on the side stand.

“Just a moment, let me just complete it”, replied Sudha gazing onto the old crt monitor.

………..good night son, see you tomorrow

Making sure she has included everything that happened today, she ended the email with this signature line as always.

She entered k.raghav@*****.com in the to field just like her son taught her 4 years ago. He had just come back home with his college computer. He didn’t need it anymore since the big company was giving him a brand new laptop. That night he made her a new email address sudha****** and taught her how she could send him email on his official id. Sudha memorized each step by heart. This was the first time her son was teaching her something and not the other way around. She made sure she didn’t miss a thing.

Sudha clicked the SEND icon and the mail went out. Within a minute came the reply. The delivery failure bounce back reply. As always Sudha ignored it and closed the browser window, just like she ignored the fact that her son never reached his office, that his overnight bus met with a dreadful accident, and that the company cancelled her son’s email id soon after.

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