Food for the brain pt.1

My name is Serj, I do not like talking about myself, it will be superfluous information that you will forget. In short, I’m a person who thinks a lot and likes to share with people. Also creative personality, music, photography, drawing, creativity, but that’s another story ...

We are here to share our thoughts ...

In our modern times a person is lost in a crowd, much less it is very difficult to hear him. Every person considers himself more than something, individual. We try to show others what we are capable of, we do things that attract other people. By this we create our own circle. What for?

Thus, we simply satisfy our social needs, thus we prove that we can not be “alone”.

What do I mean by that? And the fact that we in this world are harmonious, we as a molecule, consist of atoms, ie as one whole ... And yes, we will always have different views different motives, but this is the main thing in us, although different, but we are all one!

Love you, appreciate nature and take care of relatives!

Until next time!


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