Day1 HKUST the Summer Camp

This is my first time to go to study abroad. I’m Ryo. Now in Hong Kong. This is first place of my travel all over the world. So, After finished this camp, I go to Singapore, India, Israel, and so on. The goal is to allow me to accept different culture to see the world from high level. And my mission is to find out startups which had promising technology from all over the world, and accelerate them to make business alliances with large enterprises. To reach a “Border less Innovation”.

Therefore, in my travel, I would like to write down my feelings as a diary.

Today is the first day of taking class of HKUST Summer Camp. Since I land in Hon Kong, there are many times to be surprised. For example, some couple are kissing in the train and the buildings are very high although the public house residents. And women people seems to be Islamic was sitting down near by the station. What what did they sit for?

HKUST campus is very huge and view is very nice to see the seafront. Bur the weather is too humidity and hot. Constraining to the weather, air conditioner is very strong so that participant feel so cold to wear cloths.

What I learned from Today? The today’s most impressive point for me is that I hear story which United Nation decided to use English to communicate with Aliens. Therefore, even though aliens, they have to learn English to communicate with human beings. That is why we have to spend many time to study English. This story is more persuasive.

Second point is I read the research paper about “NACIREMA”. Teacher said to us, “To understand other culture, do not focus on one side. While an observation, you should pay attention to myself. It is important for us to interact with each other.”

And let me introduce to my roommate. He is Taiwanese. He graduated night High school and pass the entrance exam in the top university of Taiwan. But he encounter student from university in Taiwan. His dairy life motto is to notice gaps with people have different of Japanese culture.

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