Day2 HKUST the Summer Camp

Today the signal 8 typhoon was coming so that all the campus facilities were not open because transportation in Hong Kong was paralyzed. So, now that I am free, I started learning Ruby on Rails at Codeacademy.

Afternoon classes are about Game-theory and Global warming. The lessons from the first part are when we face the prisoner’s dilemma we can solve problems through play games over and over again so that other player can understand what other players think, and if they communicate each other, they could corporate.

The class about Globalwarming was bored for me. After finished class, I went to go outside to meet some people worked in Hong Kong at the night.

One of them a banker and another one is a CEO. And I herad very interesting stories from them. First of all when it is sunday , there are many maids from Phillipine and Indonesia. Why are they sitting? I have no idea. They answered,

The GDP of Hong Kong is very high so both of parents are working all the day. So they cannot take care of their home too much, they need maids who care them and go shopping to a supermarket, clean the rooms and take their dogs out. That is why there are many Filipinos and Indonesian in center of Hong Kong who send earnings to mother coutries. And sunday is a holiday is coming, they have to go out of employer’s home. Because of having no own homes, they are sitting and get together each other nearby students. They are usually female and Islamic.

I hear above these things, connect dots in my brain. When I landed in Hong Kong on Sunday, I saw them and have been wondered. That connects all my wonders. That culture gap is interesting for me.

And another person said to me,

I think even though many people think that Japan has lost 20 years so that Japanese economy is stagnating, but I do not think so beacause thanks to this stagnation, our services try to be differentiated. That is our value so that we should spread our services.

I think he always look at advantage of things which many people look at disadvantage. That is a point we should change my mind to tap into abroad.

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