Day3 HKUST the Summer Camp

Today is the most surprised I have ever had. I asked our program cordinator to introduce me to some local students. He look for some one stuitable for me, he let me know one person who have already had experience in a buy-out on his company and now he has been challenged to make world flat. For example, he try to connect Western people to Southern Asia thtough investing. And also he is trying to organaize a hackathon to connect tech to business.

He is from international school in Singapore and his parents are from German. Therefore, he is a hybrid of westnern and south east cultures. He has started a Fintech company on his own, I mean he didn’t borrow money from his parents. He taught me,

All the students in Europe and USA are required to be totally independent financilly from their parents since they are 18 years ols. So we have to work some companies as intern in univesity student life. Sometimes it is hard for us, but we are all on our choices. To live our live, we couldn’t get moeny from parents.

I saw culture a big difference. What if asian university student? In japan most of students get money from their parents until graduated. On the other hand, asian university students are seeking to get a higher grade. this is a picture of HKUST campus which the students of wishes stick on wall like this. It is all about GPA.We are all GPA hunters.

But he said,

A population is increaseing in Southern Asia. So the number of students is also increasing. So how could you differentiate each other? I think we do not need to get 100% of GPA. Experience is more important than GPA. Because this is the only thing you have on hour own. You can be easy to differentiate. You can learn big lesssons from experience. We should follow a balance of two things.

It is very interesting opinion for us. But for me, what it surprised me is he is only 21 and he has a clear vision, he is already totally indepent. And he has done some great works. There are many bright talents out of Japan. Japan is now be Galápagos Islands. We should be open. I found a huge gap. I have a sense of emergency.

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