Front office vs Back office

I heard about a something interesting story for me in Hong Kong. I want to share. He is a banker and his responsibility is in role is to manage South Asian. Before he came to sitting to this position, the profit bank was not good at all. But since he came the bank was recovered and made a big profit. How could be?

He try to understand back office. The system of evaluating their work is like a point-deduction scoring system. If they do 100% of their work, some mistakes happen. On the contrary, front office is kind of point addition scoring system. So they try to get 120%. That mindset is different from Back office and Front office.

The organization has two groups which have different incentives so that it wouldn’t work well. So he focused on make Back office’s incentives change. First of all, they usually do not work with customer. Compared to Front office, they do not have any incentives which try to find and fill customer’s needs. He try to take some Back office staffs to go outside and meet some customer. That contributed to 2nd one.

It is because, usually Front office staffs bring back some needs to their company. Front staffs ask Back office to change things such as user interface, functions, … But it is not efficient way to improve them because engineer did not meet customer directly. If back office go out, this kind of improvement will be easy.

Last thing he tried is he got everybody salary up when profit is achieved a goal. That make them hard work. That teach back office some rewarding through work like special customer’s thanks, sense of unity, and so on.

That is a strategy he said to me.

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