Journey with Bites: Round 2 with Roza Ferdowsmakan

“Everything we do and touch and buy and support, impacts the bigger picture.” — Roza Ferdowsmakan

Greetings creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs. As we gather in the desert once more, we connect with our delightful Roza Ferdowsmakan. Speaking again on her innovative foodie app, bites! We touch on some development of the app since its launch in September 2017, we learn more on the background and spirituality of Roza, and get a sneak peak at a new street mural art project coming up with Softwarehouse. And now, here’s more on the development and Roza’s background on this journey through bites!


What is the Bites app? Bites is a marketplace mobile app for foodies, local chefs, and local farms. Foodies can download the app and search for chefs and dates available for a dinner event for themselves or a group. Local professional chefs, culinary students, and personal cooks will be able to create a profile for themselves to be hired for events. Foodies can rate, review, and connect with local chefs and farmers to nourish themselves with quality local foods.

Last month, in September, the app finally launched on the app stores! This app is sure to empower the 99%, the Mom-and-Pop shops, the locals of the community that provide us with a variety of dishes that both season your pallet and expand your awareness.

One of the major developments of this app that we can look forward to is the indie restaurant development. Independent eateries will be able to create their own profiles on the app and will be able to offer “off menu” dishes. A foodies can jump on the app and request to have a chef from the restaurant to send a chef to their home and create new items. The indie restaurants also have the opportunity to test out new dishes in private sessions and individualized dinners and express themselves creatively! Also, the loyal fans of the restaurant have the chance to deeper explore their palates with their favorite foods and restaurants local to Arizona.


Roza is originally from Iran. She came to the U.S. with her family and spent her early years living in Utah. While in Utah, she experienced her first job while working in her uncle’s farm. Little did she know, working on this farm would plant a seed that would sprout a life-long appreciation of food and its connection to the community.

At age 13, Roza began working on the farm independently while her uncle was away; she managed the exotic plants in the greenhouse, assisted customers, and operated the register. Roza’s uncle taught her about the biology of the plants with his knowledge in horticulture and botany.


In the near future, Roza Ferdowsmakan will be partnering with a notable local artist to design street art at her own Softwarehouse! This project is sure to bring together the community, improve the curb appeal and aesthetic of the overall neighborhood, and create an annual project for locals to collaborate on to build the identity of Phoenix! Stay tuned for this development as well!


The magnitude of Roza’s impact is sure to be quite meaningful for the economic, social, and environmental well-being of communities. Be sure to experience your next food adventure with bites. In the near future, students and/or interns from Arizona State University may look forward to innovative sustainability efforts of bites.


Last few notes from Roza as she reminds us that we should strive on living a life that is meaningful and has an impact.

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