It was the worst sales call I’ve ever had. I normally felt comfortable talking to prospects about my web design firm, Cantilever, but this time I was inexplicably nervous. I was sweaty and dry-mouthed, stumbling over my words and struggling to hit my normal cues. The lead was a great fit, and they were referred to us by a satisfied Cantilever client, but I was losing them. I cut off my guests mid-sentence, yet left awkward pauses between my own. …

In typography, it’s not just the glyphs (the letter shapes) that make a typeface work. How each glyph is positioned relative to its neighbors is crucial. Legibility depends on a smooth, predictable rhythm without tightness that could cause letters to clash — or worse yet, gaps that might make a word look like a wo rd. The process of adjusting the distance between adjacent letters is known as kerning. Type designers go to great pains to ensure that their typefaces are properly kerned, and designers develop a keen eye for when a word needs adjusting to maintain optimal legibility. …

The game of poker has fascinated me ever since I learned how to play as a high school student competing for lunch money. It is a blend of math, psychology, endurance, and deception that is both eternal and constantly in flux — an ancient language spoken with continually evolving accents.

After first learning the game I spent hours poring over strategy books and internet forums, developing a fundamental sense of what works in the game. As I got older, my $2 games turned in $2000 ones. During the years I nominally went to college, my real passion was in the…

Do I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Yes.

Is this due to Stockholm syndrome because my two young kids have completely hijacked the television? Also yes.

Do I inevitably relate every banal experience back to my life purpose of connecting business with creativity? You’re about to find out!

MLP: FIM tells the story of a group of ponies (and their non-pony friends) trying to navigate a complex and changing world. The characters are fun, quirky, and surprisingly layered. They experience all the challenges and milestones that any kid does: Creating relationships, learning to work as a team, building…

A close up image depicting 10 tabs open on an internet browser
Original Content by Liam Ramsey

Almost every time we build a new site at my web design firm, Cantilever, the client will make a request that looks like this:

This page links out to an article on a different site. Can we make that open in a new tab, so we don’t lose visitors?

This is a totally reasonable thought: Turn our site into the hub from which the user will navigate different linked content. When they close that content, they’re back on our site, ready to read more.

At Cantilever we prefer to answer client requests with a firm “yes” — or at least…

Image of a woman working on her laptop at a table on a balcony overlooking a cityscape
Modified from Photo by Persnickety Prints on Unsplash

The Cantilever team is 100% remote, with team members spread across the U.S. and Canada, and even one currently traveling through Asia and Africa. There is no central office, and it’s rare that team members even share a city.

Photo of a nervous woman biting her pencil while looking at her computer screen
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Like many people, I do some of my best work when I’m not actually working. Creativity requires space: the blank canvas, the open stage.

I’m the founder of Cantilever, a web design and development studio. I effort to steward the company with measured deliberation, but there is an art to building a business, and entrepreneurs are just as reliant on inspiration as painters.

How should we approach our work? What is the culture we wish to grow? Where should we devote our resources? Are our processes frustratingly restrictive, or confusingly arbitrary? These are questions that require non-linear thinking, for which…

A crowd of people waving small American flags
By Elias Castillo (

Imagine stepping out of a train, disheveled and weary. Your right hand is holding a dusty canvas bag, full to bursting. In it is everything you own. Your left hand clutches a document, the most precious you’ve ever grasped: A thin sheet of paper, officially stamped, that says you belong here. A new beginning, a new home.

You step out into the fray. The cacophony is overwhelming. You haven’t slept. Locals rush by, mindlessly retracing paths they’ve traveled thousands of times before. Meanwhile, your decisions are slow and labored. Does that sign say what you think it does? Hawkers peddle…

Ty Fujimura

CEO @ Cantilever. We make warm, welcoming websites – the new WWW. 👉

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