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I remember, when I for the last time grabbed the trophy for 3rd position, I was in grade 1, and guess what? I was deeply saddened over that, as previously I used to achieve even more worth than a 3rd position in my class. But I didn’t know that, it was just the beginning. I literally, never got good grades after that. Gradually, I came out of even top ten positions in my class. The reason was not any mental weakness or family problems. My school was upgraded before I stepped into 2nd grade, and it was actually upgraded, it was the most branded in entire area, so does their students. The competition was increased and my performance was unable to handle that. Every year, there were list of self-promises regarding improvements in academics and holding a good position, unfortunately, those promises remained limited to the lists only.

When we are newbies to school (especially in Pakistan and India), we think that, getting good grades is the ultimate goal of life and through that we are able to cover the expenses of our school fees, our parents were paying.

Well! I was not a poor or failure student, but one who spend his complete 10 schooling years in chasing those dancing alphabets in the name of grades. I was frequently regarded as most hardworking student; however, I didn’t know the right place to put my hard work on.


As I mentioned above, my school was upgraded before I get into 2nd grade. After changing the school, I tried to bring back those good old days (before grade 1). Somehow or I think completely, the whole studies criteria were changed, more grueling. Like all others, I also had a tuition after schooling hours for better preparations. Despite that, the results remained same, not improving. Although, I managed to make my entry in top 10 ranks, sometimes 7th or 8th, as I was upgraded in classes, my mindset remained same, to obtain a good position in class or having good grades.

When I came into 6th standard, I moved into O-levels, of which I had no knowledge about. It was extremely tough, the competition was as if, a hyper-inflation. Having no knowledge of that studies, with no proper teachers provided in school, that year I got my worst result and was also scolded by my parents. Again! A life changing and betterment promise. I worked delicately again, completing all projects, tests and somehow buttering teachers, but no desired outcomes in the end.

These situations were repetitive every year, same promises, same dedication, same hard work and eventually same results. I used to get excited and extremely nervous at exams and results. This continued till 8th grade, after which I had to give my first ever board exams, registered with Cambridge international examinations. I studied and prepared myself as never before, worked painstakingly. I had results of 2 subjects in first year, I got B and C. it was not failure, but entirely opposite to the expectations of mine and my parents. That year too, I fell into depression and stress. I was unable to mark any place, where I didn’t concentrate, put my mind into it. Sometimes I regarded this as unluck, my own inabilities and sometimes the faculty, the school was offering.

I completed my O-levels in 3 years, out of total 8 subjects, I made only one A grade, of which I still feel proud.


As above said, newbies to school think of getting grades as ultimate achievement of life. This is not their mistake, the environment, society has created is not allowing students to develop a smart-working mindset and think independently of their future and choices. Society has eye on your mark-sheets, they frequently ask you about results, sometimes comparing with their children’s straight A’s. You need to answer those questions, in terms of what you got.

This is not parent’s mistake either, they work providently to make their child educated and prosper among all. They regardless of their any desires, pays their child’s dues from schools and colleges. So when it comes to scolding and being strict, its usually correct and for betterment of child’s future. Even there is no blame to schools either, they are making abnormal profits, they never envisage for student’s better future.

If there is any responsible for this all, the point is with no doubts move towards the education government bodies and the criteria developers. There are no regulations on school mafias, they are teaching what they prefer. Academic degrees are preferred over skills and skills learning. Irrelevant subjects are taught, which has nothing to do with student’s interest. Education is divided into categories none other like the restaurant’s menu, charging different fees for different types of people. Different education is available, depends on how much your dad pays.

The answer to the titled question is a big ….NO! grades never matters and I realized this when I got mature. There is so much to do, except for chasing grades. Grades represents how much that student has memorized often regarded as ratta: memorizing, getting nothing. the thing matters, is that, did you understand what you were taught, do you know the reasons behind scientifically theories, geographical patterns, and any incident happened in history or can you start your business by studying commerce. If you just remembered theories, without reasons, history timelines, regardless of any information and are unable to do practical business yet, then what is the use of those attached papers, which you regard as mark-sheets and academic degrees.



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