That will ensure everybody knows about every feature. If there’s something to fix in the future, the entire team will be able without any hassle.
Be Agile… in a right way
Javier Godoy

This is a great way to ensure product stability over time or minimizing the cost of a valuable team member leavin, but can only be useful (or implemented at all) if some prerequisites are also fulfilled:

  • The scrum team must consist of multiple members with skills in the same domain (e.g. front-end). In teams where 1 person takes care of each domain, this is hardly possible.
  • The scrum team’s project scope must be well-defined/ rather limited. I’ve worked in a ‘scrum’ team that managed 50 different flows with 15 people for 3 clients. It’s a waste of time to try to have everyone know everything about every flow, especially if changes are frequent.
  • The business must be willing to allocate more budget, because it also requires more time and effort, both from the people already familiar with the product, and from those who aren’t. Long-term return on investment like this is usually very hard to sell in a non-digital first company.

If you’re based in Belgium and in the 1% companies that use “Agile” as more than a buzzword, do reach out!