Lesson Plan

Most everyone has Netflix nowadays, and if they don’t have it themselves, then they at least have access to it through someone they know. Netfilx is doing great things in the world of film, funding and creating many types of content that would not have otherwise had the opportunity to hit the “big-little screen.” There are many worthwhile films on Netflix, even a number of classics along with the newer stuff, yet that is not always where you will find the best of the best. The Netflix originals, no matter if they are the lesser known shows, almost always seem to be of superior quality when compared to the films and shows that are simply distributed on Netflix. Why is this the case? This is one thing I would like to explore in my lesson. By way of talking about how Netflix seems to be making quality content, I will also hit on and explain what exactly is required to make such content.

I think the best way to go about this is to have everyone watch either the same episode. The assignment will be to watch an episode of the Netflix original Black Mirror, and a come to class with a couple notes, nothing too extensive, prepared for a discussion. In an effort to keep the discussion more honed, I would like the class to all watch the same episode, and that episode is S3:E6, Hated in the Nation. Please, please, please, do not look up anything about the series or the episode beforehand. If you’re going in blind without ever hearing about this series, then even better. In your notes you can say anything about what you liked, what you didn’t, how this could relate to other topics we’ve discussed over the course of the semester, or really anything else that came to mind. If your schedule allows for it, it would be best if everyone could watch it the night before so it is fresh in your head, but if that cannot happen, that is also fine. The final thing I would like you to do is tweet a one sentence initial reaction right after you’re done watching it, being careful to avoid spoilers and not to disclose any plot points.

My lesson will consist of breaking down a couple of scenes and talking about some of the techniques used, and the effects they have on the audience. I would also like to leave some time to talk about how the episode is related to some of the things that we have talked about in class.

And if anybody doesn’t have access to Netflix, let me know!

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