Making a Difference (with movies)

Jeff Skoll is an absolutely fascinating person. He has accomplished more in his lifetime than most ever could in 5 lifetimes. It is almost hard to not be inspired and fully attentive when listening to this man talk. He has a remarkably clear and concise vision without sacrificing any sort of scope. It all started with him want to create change, and then searching for the best and most effective way to do that. While I am more concerned with the art of filmmaking itself, I believe that everything he hits on in this TED talk really speaks to what I one day hope to achieve, if only a fraction of the magnitude. While he is focused on the societal impacts of film, he still very clearly demonstrates his understanding and respect of film as a medium and as an art form. It is out of this level of respect for film that change can truly come about, and it seems that he understands this better than most.


Ashkan Soltani, Alex Hackworth, Ryan Conolly, Ralph Sepe Jr.

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