It was a Perfect Day.

It was just a normal day in the city. For most the perfect day. It was the first day of summer The sky was electric blue, and cloudless.

It was a perfect day, for a suicide.

Please don’t be sad for me, I’ve done enough of that already, And now I’m starting to feel content. So there is no going back now and it took a lot of effort sneaking up to the rooftop. The only thing that bothers me now, is that this paper I leave is the summery of my entire life. My entire fucking life on a piece of paper, that even i crumpled up and put in to my pocket. Ironically, that’s how life works, from then, to now, until the end of time it’s self.

In a near by park, children were laughing and screaming for joy. I smile thinking about old memories with friends at the park, playing hide and seek as a kid, and getting older I would find myself in less innocent situations, but nothing too damaging. Know that I laughed.

Down below there are a few cars and not too many people so I won’t hurt any one when I hit the ground, unless I try to aim. Which I won’t.

There is a bakery down the street, and the smell of French bread surprisingly made it up to me. Which has me slightly bummed I should had French bread with my last meal. I hadn’t gone grocery shopping in a while, so all I had was some eggs and bacon and I threw in a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Some people think vanilla as boreing and basic. But I love the taste, and the smell. It was also her perfume.

I fell in love once, I cant say she was my first love, but she definitely stood out. We meet in high school and like all those relationships go, it didn’t last long, but our friendship did. I like to believe we are still friends to this day, We catch up when we can, send a drunk text every now and then to let one another know that we still think of them. It’s kind of sweet in a way, and it’s kind of all I needed. But it wasn’t enough, not now.

I wonder who she’ll marry. Will he be good to her? Better then I could ever, I hope. I wonder how many kids she’ll have. No matter the number I know she’d make a fantastic mother. She has a heart of gold so I don’t worry. Most importantly will she accomplish her dreams. Man she better.

I’m sorry I couldn’t see it all for myself. All of your stories are still going still being written. Mine will end then I run out of room on my paper. I don’t have much space left so I better make my last words count.

It was a perfect day, and I love all of you.