No FMLA; Leave without pay

I decided to leave one stress, without realizing I’d be taking on another. I intend this to be a sort-of? blog series chronicling my pregnancy/maternity leave.

I’ve approached my boss about wanting to discuss my options for maternity leave, but she’s been dodging me so far. In response to a question about the company’s leave of absence policy, she said “I’m not sure…I’ve cc’ed HR on this email.” Gee, thanks! In response, HR sent me a bunch of forms, emphasizing my non-eligibility for FMLA. Here’s one of them.

Employee Leave Request Form, to be completed 30 days prior to my leave start date. I guess I’m supposed to check “My own serious health condition or pregnancy disability”?

I resent having to check “my own serious health condition or pregnancy disability” in advance of actually giving birth, because a pregnancy in itself does not have to be a disability, even though employers keep referring to it as such. But I’ll take what I can get: unpaid, non-job-protected leave (*sarcasm*).

Edit/update 7/23/2017: Last week, after my boss didn’t reply to my emails asking if we could sit down and discuss my maternity leave plan together, I caught up with her in-person after a meeting. The conversation went like this:

“[Boss], did you get my email about maternity leave?”

Boss (face is expressionlesss): “Yes, what about it? Did you talk to HR? Do you have a particular question?”

“No…I just wanted to make sure that whatever the plan was, that I ran it by you to make sure it worked for you as well.”

Boss (unsmiling): “Don’t worry about it. We’ll make whatever you want, work.”

Okay…so I get the feeling that my boss doesn’t want to deal with my maternity leave at all, which is fine, but she still has to sign the Employee Leave of Absence Request Form. I plan to write a letter to her, cc’ing HR, just so there’s an email trail of my plan, because I’ll likely have to leave my signed hardcopy with her on her desk.

In the meantime, the short-term disability insurance company is still trying to determine my eligibility for benefits. Yeah…why would I even sign up for short-term disability if I hadn’t gotten assurance from the HR representative that this would cover childbirth/recovery?

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