A Long List of Energy Efficiency Improvements with Peter Cormas

Here are some of the improvements we have made to save energy and money:

-Insulated and air sealed 88 linear feet of rim joists (sill plates) with 2" rigid foam board, and spray foamed around the perimeter.

-Air sealed dryer vent.

-Air sealed several penetrations in basement walls.

-Air sealed around all wire and plumbing penetrations going through the basement ceiling and the foundation wall.

-Air sealed gaps around glass block windows and in the walls of the basement.

-Covered the basement window with 2" rigid foam board and made it airtight.with spray foam.

-Installed new weatherstrips and door sweeps to create airtight seals around 2 exterior doors.

-Caulked along all baseboards.

-Caulked around windows where caulking is cracked or missing, or between the trim and the wall.

-Air sealed the chimney with a foam board and spray foam.

-Air sealed around wire and plumbing penetrations in the attic before insulating.

-Air sealed top plates (the area where the exterior wall meets the attic floor).

-Installed weather stripping around the attic hatch to make it airtight, and insulated the back of the attic access with rigid foam board to create a seamless thermal barrier.

-Set dehumidifier in basement to 55% humidity year round.

-Set boiler’s thermostat 4–5 degrees cooler than normal “at home” temperature at night.

  • Installed Tyvek around the skylight and insulated with 3 1/2" (R-13) cellulose fiber insulation.
    -Install eave chutes and stuffers in the soffit bays.
    -Insulated the attic with 10" (R-38) cellulose fiber insulation.
Conservation Consultants, Inc.

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