Appliance Upgrades With Kate C. and Dan G.

CCI: Why did you participate?

Kate: “We joined the Home Energy Showcase because we are invested in reducing our climate impact. I believe individual actions can have rippling effects, but climate change is also hard. There are just so many aspects to it that it makes it difficult to be able to figure out how to make an impact. It is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed. I don’t believe in being victims in this world though. There is always something that you can do.

Doing a home energy audit is a concrete way to understand steps that you can personally take. Even if you just use your report to take small steps, that is a step you did not take yesterday. Small things add up. It is rare that you get to encounter such a win-win scenario, where you get to both save money and positively impact the world you live in.”

CCI: What kind of work from your report have you implemented?

Kate: We went with this furnace: Furnace — Carrier 59SC5B080E17 “Comfort” 80,000 BTU, 96.5%, One Stage, ECM Motor (Quote Below)

We also have this AC unit scheduled to be installed in the summer Air — Carrier 24ABB330A003 “Comfort” 2 ½ ton, up to 13 SEER. This is likely to be after the competition because I need to space out improvements, especially if we won’t need AC until June. I know it is not 16 SEER, but it is better than our current rating, so baby steps. (Quote Below)

We also did get an Ecobee too to better control our temperature, especially when we are not there. This is actually a lot better for us than our last thermostat because it is just so much easier to set more complex temperature schedules or alter it when you are away.

DIY fixes are in progress.

Furnace — Carrier 59SC5B080E17 “Comfort” 80,000 BTU, 96.5%, One Stage, ECM Motor (Quote Below)

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