URA Loan Spurs Major Energy Efficiency Upgrades from Participant, Lindsay Dill


  1. As part of the URA’s PHRP Plus Program, I’ll be making energy efficiency improvements (among other improvements) on my home. This will include:

- all new energy-efficient windows (10 total)

- all new energy-efficient doors (3 total)

- additional insulation (and better insulated siding on outside of house)

- an energy efficient furnace (I currently have a 1970s furnace, and will be upgrading to a 92 efficiency furnace)

  • and other non-energy-based home improvements.


- I’ve programmed my thermostat to the goal temperatures outlined in my CCI paperwork. 71 while I’m home, 64 while I’m asleep, and (what I call) Heinz 57 while I’m away.


  • I’ve officially acquired and begun growing native sedum plants in some green roof panels saved from the landfill! These will be installed on my shed, which has a collapsing roof and needs to be replaced anyway.

While the PHRP Plus Loan Program no longer exists by that name, it has been replaced by URA’s HAP Plus Loan READ MORE HERE!

New insulation and siding
New basement door

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