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What is Docker?

Docker is a DevOps tool that allows people of all computer backgrounds(Mac, Windows, Linux, etc…) to collaborate on the same project without any environmental errors. It is fast and easy to implement. Once the environment is set up, then all it takes to be in the same environment is to run a simple line of code that the author creates.

How to start

The first goal that needs to be accomplished when first getting into docker is to obtain a personal domain from several different websites(I used Namecheap).

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Once this goal is complete then it needs to be configured properly. I used Github pages to configure my settings properly to have it up online with some simple text rendered. In order for this step to be made correctly, it is crucial that the DNS settings are set up properly and the one thing that took me a while to figure out was to set the hostname to “@” and have it set to “A record”, otherwise it will not configure properly and the next step will not work. The next thing that needs to be completed is to enforce HTTPS which will better secure the website that was just created, but the only way for HTTPS to be enforced is to have the proper DNS configuration, which is why it is so crucial for it to be configured in the right way. After these steps are completed then a simple and rendered website should be displayed when the site is searched for. …

My first love was not a lover, but rather the beauty in which I discovered when I was younger. This love has yet to fade away: the peace and serenity I’ve been shown from the rays of light that is cast down. The almighty sun has given me such an extraordinary privilege of being able to witness the magnificent trees, creeks, mountains, and waterfalls.

I sit back and admire the things that are around me. I notice that the grass may be slightly greener, and the sun’s rays are hitting the sky a little bit brighter today. I sit underneath a large oak tree and reminisce on the beauty I am witnessing. I think of what it means to me to be one with my surroundings. To notice how the birds chirp above my head, how the ants are all lining up going up and down the tree, and how the leaves move so gently and elegantly slicing through the thick humid air on a mid-October day. I didn’t have much in mind, I was just in amazement that there could be such wonder and uncertainty within my own thoughts. Knowing that the things I am doing now will be different tomorrow, yet the beauty I see will stay the same the next day. My mind slows to recognize the leaves falling, swaying left to right — right to left. Every motion that these leaves are making, I am taking notice until they reach their final destinations. …

Tyler Holland

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