Why Brexit maybe should scare you.

Despite the fact I am American (and yes, I know my President is a hot mess) I care about the British, I worry very much about a crash landing (or hard) Brexit, because this will easily create a host of problems for the United Kingdom. Scotland shall end its Union, and Northern Ireland will likely opt in the Republic of Ireland, so it will just be England and Wales. One other very important departure or independence from the UK, as the banking and financial services sector is extremely important to GDP is the City of London which corporate citizens will either leave for New York, Singapore, New Zealand, etc. or The City may become a city-state all its own, and Metatone stated very important facts about why the financial services sector will not just stay for Pomp & Circumstance. Then economic depression will easily set in, the £ will no longer act as a reserve currency much as it will lose its buying power.

What happens over the next to years? I don't know. We are standing at a point of speculation, but a Brexit is going to happen, as the simple majority clearly thought it is the best way forward.

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