Blog Post #8 (Con)

As of the past year the United States of America has had quite the dilemma. We as a country have seen a rise of a divided nation of seemingly opposite groups of people; Democrats, and Republicans; political parties that just love to disagree. Within these two political parties comes two separate ideas and one main question: “Is global warming and climate change worth the fight?”. As discussed last week, one side believes that climate change is worth learning about and fighting because it will save lives in the future, regardless of the price. Today, we will discuss what the other side believes about climate change, it’s laws, and activism in the United States.

Example of Natural Cycles on the Earth

To begin, many supporters of Trump’s climate policies say that the President is doing a great job, in regards to his Global Warming agenda. This article posted by talks about how yes, the world is going through global warming, but no, we should not be mournful because of the successful strides created because of CO2 emissions. The author, David Harsanyi, says “Last year was the warmest year in recorded history. It was also the greatest in mankind.” This statement is a reflection of what the right says about climate change. They believe that even if climate change is real, there are many positives to using fossil fuels. They say that with fossil fuels comes more jobs, which in turn comes more productivity, which then leads to wealthier people, which then leads to a more healthy and happy life. In this way climate change prevention does not seem worth the fight to them.

Trump criticizing the USA’s policies regarding climate change

Not only do they believe that global warming is not worth the fight because it hinders production, but also because of how expensive it would be for the United State’s government to limit so many corporations in the nation. An article posted by MIT’s Technology Review talks about how the costs of “fixing” climate change would cost trillions of dollars. A study from the International Energy Agency reported that “Switching from fossil fuels to low-carbon sources of energy will cost $44 trillion”. Supporters of Trump’s administration think that this $44 trillion can be used in many different ways in order to boost the economy. They believe that the combination of a multi-trillion dollar policy and a limitation on industries power will cripple the US’ economy drastically.

This side does make some very extreme, but still understandable points. 44 trillion dollars is a large amount of money for the United States to spend. Limiting what factories and companies can do will hinder the United States economically. Maybe climate change really does not exist, and it will be just one big waste. Nobody truly knows. This side believes that no matter what is true, the United States’ well being should be it’s citizens biggest issue and that we as a country should do anything (or nothing) in order to protect our values. This nation faces many questions that need to be answered in the coming years. Whether Republicans and Democrats can find a middle ground and make compromises in regards to climate change will be revealed within this presidential term.