Inquiry Series Part 3

#1 “What is the latest news the mainstream media is reporting on your topic?”

Throughout the semester we have seen the main effects of global warming, the policies concerning climate change, and the impact it has made on the United States and the world. We have learned about Al Gore and his actions, we learned what a majority of US scientists say about climate change, and we have seen what the people of this country believe. Now, we will be discussing the up and coming news that the media has brought to the public’s attention recently.

This article, by the Washington Post discusses how many national landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, the Washington National Cathedral, the Space Needle, and the Las Vegas Strip dimmed their lights in honor of what is called the “Earth Hour”. During this hour many landmarks dimmed their lights in order to give attention to climate change and global warming. This is seen to be a sort of “retaliation” against President Trump’s stance on climate change even though these buildings have participated for years. This is a very important situation because it brings to light that even religious people can believe that although God created Earth, it is still our duty as humans to protect this planet.

Another article, by the Washington Post, talks about how the Trump Administration has finally allowed for the Keystone Pipeline to be built in the USA. This pipeline will reach to around twelve-hundred miles and will cross numerous states in the country and will even reach in to Canada. This is an important issue because people have been trying to build this pipeline for nearly 10 years. Former President Barack Obama halted the construction because of fears of intense climate change that would result from carrying tar sands crude oil across the country. Although Obama was a major advocate for environmental safety, the new President not so much. Obama did many important things to help save our planet and it seems that Trump has disregarded nearly everything that scientists have been saying for years. With this construction being put in to motion it only shows that the US will be experiencing many backwards policies in regards to climate change, and protecting the planet. This video below shows Donald Trump signing the Keystone Pipeline project in to action.

Finally, in addition to these very important policies and activism, there will also be a Climate Change Hearing that will be conducted by the American House Science Committee. Many famous and well known scientists and activists will be in attendance this Wednesday to hear the latest news of climate change. That is, if there is any news. The Washington Post discusses how there could possibly be an upset at this years conference because of the amount of scientists in attendance that highly dispute each other. Some believe that this will bring the public to perceive that modern science does not really know anything about climate change in the United States. And since this year has had much conflict concerning climate change, the theme of this year’s meeting will be “Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method.” Clearly this theme is taking jabs at Trump, his team, and his ecological concerns. But then again, there will be much to talk about since Trump and his team have big plans for the United States, in terms of climate change. Although there will be much debate, we can only hope that people will find a middle ground.

In conclusion, these past few weeks have been very interesting because we have had to face so many important issues in this country with Donald Trump’s policies, Political Activism, and meetings of great importance. Only the future will tell though of what our nation will do about climate change. We either could see a rise in political activism that can influence Trump’s ecological decisions, or political policies that would seemingly destroy the environment and ecosystems. I believe that it is important that these things are being brought up in the mainstream media because it allows for the general public to understand what is going on. And when they see things like the Empire State Building going completely black, I could see that really saying something to them. Without the media allowing us to see these things we would be less informed about life in America, which is why media like the Washington Post, CNN, and the New York Times are so crucial to keeping our country true, and exposing the good and bad sides of this nation.

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