Letter to a Future Student (You!)

Hello future English 214, (or “Hybrid Online 214”) student who is lucky enough to have Michael Shannon as your teacher! Get ready, because this class will be very interesting! Some background on Mr. Shannon: He’s a very outgoing person who will make you crawl out of your comfort zone as soon as you step in class. Some questions you may have to answer during your semester with him will be: “When was the last time you went on a date? From most recent to latest.”, or “When was the last time you committed a crime?”, or even “When was the last time you threw up”. Although these questions seem pointless at first, there is really a method behind it all. You get to know all of your classmates on a first name basis, which is very unique from most classes that you will have to take in college. Another thing about Mr. Shannon; the guy is a die hard fan of star wars. Case in point below: What’s not to love about the guy?

Don’t fuck with Mr. Shannon in his Jedi uniform ^

In terms of assignments, Mr. Shannon allows you (the student!) to pick their topic for the remainder of the semester after a few relatively simple writing topics. And for the assignments, they never tend to be more than 750 words, which is nice considering that you will be assigned writing once a week; not to worry though because most topics are pretty broad and allow you to use a lot of your own creativity.

One thing I would critique Mr. Shannon for would have to be the time it takes that it takes for him to grade his assignments. I know that it must be tough grading multiple other students, so I can’t really blame the guy. Plus, if you show up to office hours (Humanities 262 Wednesdays 11:00 am- 1:30 pm) he will go through your blog posts with you, and give you a basic idea of what your grade is, and what you can do to improve your writing ability.

I also have some tips that I would like to leave you with. For starters, Mr. Shannon is a “meme-er” and if you can incorporate memes with your blog posts, or a relatable picture, your grade will benefit.

Very “intersting” and relatable meme: A+

Another tip I would give would be to show up to each class. I have never had a class that has kept me more interested. Mr. Shannon keeps our attention by playing games in class, discussing current issues of the week, or even watching funny Youtube videos. Plus if you miss class you will not be very prepared for the homework and you will be missing out on all of those precious participation points that could save your grade. Plus, you’re paying cold hard cash for this class, might as well show up and be present.

Finally, my last tip would be to enjoy this semester and class, you won’t have an educator like this again. Mr. Shannon is a great teacher, but you will find that out soon enough! Enjoy the semester, and party on dudes!