Letter to Scott Pruitt (Head of the EPA)

Hello administrator Pruitt! As the newest head of the Earth Protection Agency I understand that there is a lot under your belt. I realize that you are a busy man, so I will cut straight to the point. Our beautiful planet is in big trouble.

After reading this article by the Washington Post I was shocked to see that your opinions on climate change differ from what most scientists believe. Although I do not personally agree with your belief on global warming, after months of learning about what both sides of the debate say, I can understand where you’re coming from.

What I’m sure we both can agree on, though, is that our country is amazing and needs to be protected. To flatly say that global warming is not real seems unsafe and makes the United States seem unprepared for global disasters, like global warming which could potentially be real. If the United States is a leader of the world like we say we are, we should be looking in to many different ways to save it. It is one thing t0 say that global warming is not worth the fight, but to flatly say that global warming is no issue seems unwise and ignorant. Now, I know that you have your beliefs, but the duty of administrator of the EPA is to put facts over belief. This is why you should change your stance on climate change.

Now a way that you could change your stance while still getting what you want is to put the evidence out there; humans are a major factor in carbon emissions. I know that even if you believed that was true, you still would make no attempt to save the planet, but honesty is the best policy so you should put it out there. One stance you could have that would not discredit you as much would be to say that “Yes, humans are a major factor in carbon emissions, but at the price of $44 trillion it is too expensive.” At least that would give you more credibility and reason.

You should use sources like MIT or The Scientific American. Both of these sites make the case that yes, climate change is real, but making the planet renewable is extremely expensive. You could make the claim that yes, climate change is real, but no, it is not worth it because: X Y and Z. For example, visit this Forbes article and see why others believe that.

As a leader, set an example for generations to come. It is unreasonable to disagree with the majority of the United States. At least find a middle ground. If you can change your stance on this issue you would be able to get more people to understand where you’re coming from and help unite this divided nation. I wish you the best with your endeavors, Mr Pruitt. Imagine a world that feels secure because there country takes serious stances to anything that the people are worried about. If you can do this, you will be one step closer to making this country really “great again”.