— The Beginning, The Basics, a beginning to the end, we hope. The annoying game of playing HAIR PULL Wordpress. So far so good. The product utilizes the latest code advancements w/ Node.js and MongoDB. I didn’t like any aspect of other than an opportunity to write about something abstractly. If you got it going, groovy, I thought it was clunky as funk.

Their core pitch is the complexities of building, managing, and website development is now in the past.

The company did not pay me to write these — testing apps, blogging about it, is just something I enjoy doing. If they want to pay me, I like money. Chances are they will not pay me and they will enjoy the added SEO boost.

The old way of working on websites. hehe. core pricing model is surrounded by the ‘add a new site’ feature. And if you have a large amount of sites, it’s very friendly. I wish I knew about this when I was attempting to build a web development wing in my company

Add a New Site” — requires hosting, SSL, buying a theme on, and a zillion other things… Updating, patching, setting up, downloading more, uploading this and that. Exhausting.

Hey again! Let’s start out by kick starting the free-trial. It’s a 14 day sprint — and we hope we can get longer access to the product to offer more insights into the usage.

Once you begin…

You’re greeted with a popup video from Ashley, I assume she is an employee at Ashley describes the product in lengthy 10min video, it might be their first attempt at offering a product video, so it may look a little complex to the average user. As the product grows, this video will likely be the first

Ashley product demo — Mostly focused on product features and not a deep dive on the product usage. The dive into the product usage was at the very end and it seems pretty basic.

In my opinion The video should be 100% ‘how to produce a website’ and get climbing, but that is at the end of the video, and it’s a bit lacking in the content arena. The website shown is gibberish, uses duplicate images, and doesn’t offer a lot of insights into personal site ownership, which will be your core user base in the beginning. Lastly, the scrolling on the sites (at the end of the video) looks rough and far from attractive, which could be a critical bounce for anyone contemplating the next step. offers a landing page for your cluster of websites, with a single login.
Your site landing page! — A place for your sites. has a lot of focus on big picture web development.

It’s very focused on being your blimp view into your websites, into your SEO per site, and into the users.

For example, if you’re dealing with a lot of users on your sites. Maybe users playing across multiple sites, you can control the users from one place, give them access to whatever site you want, with whatever permissions you want, and you don’t have to recreate a user per website. user experience — a single experience for all users to all sites! Nice work! documents their work.

Luckily documents their work.

That’s extremely important for anyone playing the website builder role. You absolutely need to be able to access documentation built by the company, not by a theme developer! totes live access to engineers! discusses their access to Governor engineers. uses intercom and doesn’t seem to discuss giving you a live chat functionality in the video. I was rather hoping they would have their own live chat system — but for now, they are more aiming at bringing in your websites.

No thanks Jennifer. I like learning without guided help. It allows me the opportunity to understand if the user experience is revolutionary or complex.

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