You already are… you just don’t realize it

The core of my job as a web designer/developer is to create things on the web for people who can’t create those things themselves. I’ve recently begun to think of myself as an “Enabler”, which has radically changed my perspective on what I do and what it means to do really ANY job.

This shift from thinking of myself as “making things” to “enabling people” has many different side affects. It gives what I do a different form of meaning. …

an argument against meaningless titles

As I meet more and more people in the tech industry, I am increasingly faced with “I’m a designer” when I ask someone what they do. The first few times I heard this, I chalked the person up to being a “web designer”, and got a wide variety of responses when I asked the obvious follow-up question, “What do you design?”.

Before I get too far, I want to clarify that the answer “I’m a designer” does NOT simply answer the question, “What do you do”. …

Tyler Dow

I make awesome things with pixels & code |

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