Getting High

We all know getting into a good mood can be difficult, and then maintaining that happiness can be even harder. We have a moment of bliss and hang onto it, hoping with all we’ve got that is doesn’t leave us. Unless we’ve all got an endless supply of cocaine under our house, we are all gonna have to work a bit harder to stay in a fantastic mood.

Firstly, I want to say, it’s absolutely impossible to be happy 100% of the time. To even think that it’s possible is ridiculous. There’s too much happening and about to happen in your life for you to be happy forever. Losses in the family happen, relationships fall apart and jobs are lost, and it’s asking too much on yourself to try and be happy about any of that, however, your mind state can shift to look at the positives, to prepare yourself against the pain.

Personally, what I like to do, is accept the fact that I’m unhappy at any point in time, and rationally come up with a solution to fix that. I don’t struggle with this too much as I find being unhappy to be a waste of time, we’d all opt for the opposite if we could so easily.

I also don’t expect myself to be happy all the time, which has a great effect on my outlook on life, which may be hard to believe.

However, over time I have developed strategies, that are in place to switch my mind into a positive state if I start to feel hopeless.

My personal strategy, which I think will work for the majority of people, is exercise.

My level of focus and positivity correlates to the amount I exercise.

I had this realisation recently, as I’ve been more stressed and miserable these last few weeks than usual. I noticed it’s because I haven’t been going to the gym or working out, and instead have been simply sitting in front of a computer from when I wake until I sleep.

In retrospect it’s obvious why I was so unhappy, but in the moment, I told myself I was too busy to take care of myself by exercising.

This method to get into a positive mood can be used by more people than just myself. Exercising causes your body to release endorphins which cause a euphoric feeling and can reduce pain perception. A more in depth description can be found at Web MD which I advise you to read, as it has evidence of how exercise can be used to combat depression.

The reason I’m writing this post, and my point is, go outside, get high, feel good.

Go for a short walk, a run, a swim, chase the ice cream van for motivation, whatever you do, get your heart pumping and feel a little better!

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