Insights From an Extraterrestrial Being Named Ra — Part 1

Tyler Abromeit
12 min readMar 14, 2018

Just recently I discovered a very interesting book called, The Law of One, in which a group of researchers had attempted, and apparently managed to channel an extraterrestrial being of a higher dimension, who refers to himself as “the social memory complex, Ra.” This being is supposedly from our planetary neighbor, Venus, and claims to have visited our ancient ancestors in Egypt during the age of the pyramids — which there is much hieroglyphic documentation of his existence/influence at that time. He presents himself to this group in 1981 through a channel who has made their-self available as an instrument for his communication, whereby they conducted over 100, approximately one hour long, Q&A sessions from January 25th, 1981, to June 10th, 1983.

The whole exchange covers quite a range of topics pertaining to our evolution as a species, and the intelligent hierarchical nature of the universe at large. I found the information that was transmitted to be incredibly enlightening and clearly of some higher-intelligence-form, evident by the consistent “other-worldly” use of language, and the birds-eye-view kind of vantage point that this being, Ra, seems to have over the workings of our third dimension.

Now these claims may seem quite outlandish still to many in our current state of awareness, or acceptance, of any higher intelligence than our own existing within the universe (let alone our very own solar system), but I believe we are nearing a tipping point in our social awareness whereby our understanding of the sheer vastness of the universe is deeming the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence to be nearly self-evident.

I was so moved by the content of these conversations, that I decided I would create an educational series where I will attempt to lay out a clear and concise synopsis of the information covered in each book. This, an attempt to share the wisdom and deepen my own understanding of the concepts at the same time, is what Ra would call the “teach/learn” process. The two being one in the same.

So in the first part of this series I will summarize just a portion of the materials covered in The Law of One conversations which I believe to make a good introduction to this enlightening philosophy.

Who exactly is Ra?

Ra claims to be a “social memory complex,” and a sixth dimensional being from our planetary neighbor, Venus. He says that he is a race old in our measure, and maintains a physical being that is tall, somewhat delicate, and golden in its luster. He asks that he be referred to as “a humble messenger of The Law of One.”

The most curious aspect about Ra, however, is the way in which he presents himself to this group. He speaks often as if he is many, being “a social memory complex” of his species, yet when pressed further by the interviewer, he will admit that it is an individual entity which is doing their bidding. I think it’s safe to assume that his “collective-essence” is some characteristic or quality of sixth dimensional being-ness in general, and it may be difficult for us at our level to fully comprehend. However, it is in our reaching that we grow in consciousness and may succeed in bringing the qualities of “higher densities” into our own experience.

I postulate then that the collective nature in which he refers to himself would be more accurate of an identity for a being of his dimensionality than the individualized concept of a being as we know it. He states at a one point that a species becomes a “social memory complex” once their orientation becomes of one direction or seeking, and at this point any memories which have been lost to an individual entity within the complex becomes accessible for the entire social complex to retain. So it seems that when we communicate with Ra, we are really communicating with his entire species at large — since any individual would be able to access the memory of this conversation at any time. This would essentially solidify their one-ness of being.

So, Ra is basically one mind, incarnated in many, and upon further digest, this would seem to be the founding principle of The Law of One. He later goes on to state that his race had walked among the ancient Egyptians in physicality at one time, but left in short order due to the undesired effect of “other-ness” that their “godly qualities,” as it was perceived, had produced. This result was incongruent with their philosophy of The Law of One, and they left from our physical realm to be of service from a distance, so as not to produce this factor of separation which would only solidify us further within the third dimension.

Ra claims that the social memory complex of his species are to be accredited for the building of The Great Pyramid of Giza. It was by thought, through the understanding of the intelligent hierarchical nature of all things, stone included, that his people “persuaded” the living-rock to reorganize itself into the shape of a pyramid. This was done to create a system of healing and a source of inspiration for humans trapped in the distortions of the third density to rise out of.

The Law of One

The Law of One is a philosophy rooted in the concept that truly All-is-One, and everything that is, is but a distortion of the singularity of the one living awareness, which is you and I, and the rest of creation for that matter. He states that there is really no separation between one living being and another, and the distinction of which is only an illusion of The Law of Free Will, which allows any “mind/body/spirit complex,” as Ra puts it, to discover itself at any rate that it chooses. Meaning, a being may forget or totally ignore the truth of its singularity if it chooses, thus opening up a whole new avenue of individuality/separation for the creator to explore.

As far as I understand, The Law of One is the system of natural laws that our universe operates under, which is derived from the primary law/understanding that within every piece of creation holds the infinite, whole potential of the one creator. It is not so much a religious philosophy, or a system of beliefs, as it is one primary belief/understanding that brings clarity to the underpinnings of our universe. This one belief being: we are all one creation — the derivative of one mind operating in an infinite number of fragmentations.

There is apparently an entire confederation of beings within our universe who are of The Law of One, and their purpose is to guard/guide this process of evolution through the hierarchy of awareness. It is their nature to be of service to entities that are in need, but to recognize The Law of Free Will at all costs; their services being rendered only once a sufficient enough “call” for their help has been reached. This is the reason they had walked among us at one time, when we were socially aware enough of the infinite variety of the creator, and humble enough to accept guidance from higher intelligence.

Understanding The Law of One is of prime importance for our evolution as a species. For to integrate the knowledge of One-ness would be to tear down the walls of separation that have been built in our consciousness towards one another, and it would quite literally open up a whole new dimension of possibilities for us to explore.


Ra goes on to explain the nature of dimensions within our universe and gives us a very enlightening overview of where we find ourselves within the hierarchy at this time. Each dimension is more of what he describes as a density of awareness, and they all have their own natural laws and opportunities, so to say, for the creator to experience itself within — since this is the whole purpose and nature of the creation at large.

There are apparently an infinite number of dimensions and sub-dimensions within the universe, and they operate much like our musical scale. There are seven main dimensional divisions within each “octave” of the universe, seven sub-dimensional divisions within each dimension, and really an infinite number of sub-dimensions within each sub-dimension. The eighth dimension forming the octave, or the first dimension of the next scale. There is apparently a wall of unknowing between the seventh and eighth dimensions, and what lies beyond it is a mystery that has to be attained in order to know.

I will do my best to explain the nature of each dimension in as far as I am able to comprehend.

The First Dimension

The first dimension, or density, as he goes on to describe it, is that of a more “timeless” realm, composed of the elements wind, water, fire, and earth. These being a more rudimentary form of consciousness, but life thus the same. These elements/forms-of-consciousness work in conjunction to create the planetary spheres, and in their timelessness they work through the ages, ultimately attempting to progress further along the hierarchy of awareness by creating a habitable environment for a species of second density to form.

Ra states that Uranus is an example of a planet that is slowly moving through the first density, and that it has the potential to ascend through each dimension.

The Second Dimension

The second density is the consciousness level of the plant and animal kingdoms, and is considered to be the cycle of growth, where life toils towards the light of awareness, much like a plant growing in the direction of the sun. Life operates intuitively at this level to expand its capacities for experience.

At this density, form has developed a sense of awareness of others, and it creates a relationship with its surroundings in order for self-preservation. It grows through its experiences until a sense of self-awareness has been achieved and the species can ascend into the third density of form.

An interesting note: Ra says that the species which we call “Bigfoot” does indeed exist, and it is a second dimensional being that inhabits parts of our deep woods that are unexplored. They supposedly have an uncanny ability to sense the presence of other beings and they strive to remain hidden from our sight. They are apparently being preserved as a kind of fail-safe for life on this planet in the case of a nuclear fallout brought on about by our kind.

The Third Dimension

The third density is that which we find ourselves very much rooted within now. This is the density of self-awareness, and with it comes many new needs and desires that would be considered “useless” as far as the second density is concerned. These new needs, however, are of prime importance for the wellbeing of an entity of the third density. Some of these needs include: the need for companionship, the need for laughter, the need for beauty, and the need to know the universe about it. As a being further develops within this density, more needs are eventually discovered, like the need to trade, the need to love and be loved, and eventually the need to elevate its animalistic qualities to a more universal kind of perspective.

Ra states that third density beings typically become weaker in physicality so as to encourage more use of their mental faculties for problem solving, as well as to inspire cooperation among its species. This is ultimately an effort of the creator to nudge itself in the direction of love, which is the law and the governing force of the fourth density.

The Fourth Dimension

The fourth density is the dimension of love and understanding, and it is absolutely necessary that a third density being recognize at first that it “does not understand” before it can be “harvestable” for the fourth dimension (more on “the harvesting” will follow). This dimension is that which we are currently in transition to, and I can only speak of this density in as much as I have learned from the Ra conversations so far.

It is to my knowledge that the physical being of an entity of third density is required to “die” first in order for the transition to take place into the fourth density, and upon review of the entities third density incarnation, if its orientation was of a majority towards service to others, then it becomes a candidate for a fourth density incarnation. Otherwise the entity reincarnates again into a third density experience in order to acquire enough experience to ascend further upon the hierarchy of awareness.

It may also be worthy of noting that the fourth through seventh densities are supposedly invisible to the third density by choice, for the reason that maintaining the third density illusion requires the focus upon a rather difficult vibrational complex.

The Fifth Dimension

I will not try to elaborate in as much detail upon the fifth, sixth, or seventh densities, for the fourth density is quite enough for us to focus our teach/learning on for now. I will however give a basic description of the densities as described by Ra.

The fifth dimension is apparently the dimension of light and wisdom, where I would assume that the level of wisdom with regards to the natural laws of creation allows a being to operate in higher capacities than are currently known/available to us at this time. At this density, Ra states that the physical complex of a being becomes more and more under the control of their mental complex, and they can take on various forms through the understanding of the physical manifestation process.

The Sixth Dimension

The sixth density is described as the cycle of light/love, love/light, or unity. This is the cycle that brings polarities into balance, and with it would come a whole new array of experiences to be had within the dimension of unity. This is the density that Ra exists within and it is his goal to help bring the polarities of our experience into balance. This being his teach/learn process in action.

The Seventh Dimension

The seventh density is what he calls the gateway cycle, and it would be to my understanding that this desity prepares a being in whatever capacity is necessary for the next octave of experience. Those experiences being yet completely unknown to us.

The Harvesting

Another topic that is touched upon quit frequently in the conversations with Ra is a concept called “the harvesting.” Ra claims that the inward and outward flowing of the creator operates like clockwork, and much like the minute hand as it strikes 12 and rings in a new hour, the close of a cycle of time carries with it the opportunity for a being to ascend into a higher density. The length of these cycles vary between dimensions, but it is unclear to me so far what exactly dictates their length.

For us though, within the third density experience on earth, these cycles of time are about 25,000 years in length, which is about the time it takes for our planet to wobble one full rotation on its axis, also known as the procession of the equinox. 75,000 years supposedly makes up one of our “major” cycles of time. Ra goes on to explain quite a bit about our human history, and he claims that we were not ripe for the harvesting at the close of our last two cycles of time. This meant that we were required to continue on with our experiences in the third density to learn our lessons about love and understanding by the time the next cycle came to a close.

We are apparently at the close of a 75,000 year cycle now, and we seem to have passed the marker this time around. This is what all the hype about the year 2012 was about, and the reason the Mayan calendars ended on this date. Many thought that it would be the end of the world as we know it, but really it meant the end of our last third density cycle, and an influx of a cosmic energy available for us to tap into and begin our ascension process into a higher density of awareness.

If you look around us, the world does seem to be on the brink of enormous change. Our technological advancements, as well as our growing understanding of the nature of our universe has the potential to radically change our world for the better. Despite all the turmoil and turbulence in our world at the moment, enough of us are “ripe for the harvesting” at this point, and so the light will grow stronger and stronger every day, ushering in a new era of enlightenment for humanity.


I don’t know about you, but to me, the insights given by Ra seem to a hold a weight of their own, and the light he sheds on our evolutionary process justrings with truth. I have heard it said many times and many ways that “we are all one,” but the picture that Ra paints through these inquiries seemed to be the most clear and detailed explanation of the idea that I have yet to find.

Meditating on and sharing the ideas that I found through these books has brought me new hope and faith in humanity. When looking back on our history as a species, I can see just how far we have come, and how close we really are to a collective understanding of our singularity. This realization will surely change our world for the better, and bring us a whole new dimension of love and understanding to explore.

This is only an introduction to an even bigger, more detailed picture of our reality that was transmitted through these conversations with Ra. There was so much information shared, that it is a bit difficult to narrow it down to a concise synopsis. So if you found this information to be of any interest, then I would highly recommend reading through the conversations yourself.