Source: Dimitroff (2017)

As I have been getting more into the field of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design and starting to develop products of my own, I have been wondering which is more important; functionality, or aesthetic?

It is no question that when designing an app or a website, the optimal outcome is striking the perfect balance between both functionality and aesthetic. Both should be equally important, but what if you are on a tight schedule, and one of them must come second to the other? This was the experience I had in designing and developing the website for my…

Tim Cook announcing the iPhone X at Apple’s September Keynote (Apple, 2017).

The user experience is made up of all the touch points a user has with a product or service.” — Schmidlin, 2016.

This is something that Professor karin schmidlin taught us in our first-year User Experience Design class that has stuck with me. Everything from the user choosing which product to purchase, the process that user must go through in purchasing that product, and all the way through the user actually using the product, are all (or at least should be) equally important parts of the UX of a product.

Now we all know that Apple has set the…

My experience with VSCO’s iOS app.
What makes it so popular, and where it may be lacking.


Before I begin delving into the VSCO (Visual Supply Company) app, let me begin by talking about how I discovered it, as my story may be similar to that of many others.

Having been an Instagram [yes, Instagram, bear with me] user for years, I never really took the platform seriously. My first posts were generally pictures of something random going on in my every day life; I would open the app, add one of their cheesy filters, maybe [rarely] do some quick…

Tyler Amey-Legault

Student, Global Business & Digital Arts @ the University of Waterloo.

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