Seth Godin

Thank you for this, Seth. Once we dry up the moat around placebos and make it a part of the conversation again, we will unlock a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and take healing and health to the next level.

As A bodyworker, who is often the alternative to pain pills, cortisone shots, and joint replacement surgery, I have to refine my skills to make the “product” work better and better with each person I work with, while I am mindful of how I can make the placebo effect more effective. The struggle (and fun) is in separating one from the other in my own internal process, in the results that I see, in the results that the person I work with and I see together, and with what the other person sees and feels.

Do you have any insights for those who are the alternative practitioners that serve simultaneously as the placebo pill and the “product” that is proven more effective through double blind trials?

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