Why I’m excited for the future.

Future Predictions.

I want to write some predictions about the future and what I think will soon be huge.

  1. Downloadable knowledge. — When this happens and it will! Then things will be insane, Google cofounder Larry Page says “It (Google) will be included in people’s brains. When you think about something you don’t know much about, you will automatically get the information”

Predicted Year: 2025

2. Internet from space, people will have internet worldwide from satellites from space. Fast as well. I know Richard Branson is working on something like this and so is Elon Musk

Predicted year: 2018

3. Wireless Power — Haven’t researched this but loads of things still need to be plugged in and wires get in the way and can be annoying, I’m also hoping to see Apple produce a way to wirelessly charge your phone anywhere.

Predicted year : 2020

4. Mobile Payments will be huge. — Apple Pay etc will take over the normal debit or credit card, Apple Pay is yet to be available in the UK but when it is I think it will definitely take over how people pay.

5. I think self driving cars will be big soon — It would be cool for long journeys I guess.

6. Casual trips to space — Virgin Galactic are charging £250,000 for a trip to space which is way to much, I think soon going to space will be a casual thing.

Predicted year: 2035

7. VR — It’s going to be mainstream very soon! And it will definitely take over how people play games. Can’t wait to get into this virtual reality stuff.

8. Cryptocurrency — Bitcoin will grow back. It was all hype then people starting to move away from it because of the news about Silk Road but I can definitely see virtual currency getting mainstream especially bitcoin.

9. Medical Chip — Placed inside us which will detect diseases before they become a problem, for example detect cancer before it becomes an issue and solve it.

10. World problems such as word hunger, lack of water, poverty will all be solved in at least 10 years. 2025.

So the future is better than you think.

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