Flags, Fear, And Finding Your Inner Pooh Bear

As you already know, there are days in your life that can fly by uninterrupted and leave you feeling peaceful and productive. Oh how I love those days, if only they could all go so well. *daydreaming*

However, plain and simple, there are days when the universe will throw challenges at you, almost as if it’s testing you or mocking your very existence, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and possibly even desperate for relief.

Today, for me, is one of those challenging days when I have to weigh the good with the bad, and remember to keep breathing. Seriously, I love a good challenge, but COME ON!!!??

Not only did I get to experience sudden loss starting early this morning, but I also had the lovely privilege of seeing pretty red flags raise all around me starting from the moment I woke up. (red flags are those little alerts that heighten your senses saying, “Danger! Danger!” all the while triggering your innate fear response) *sigh*

Joy of joys, what to do, what to do?…

Panic (a very obvious and easy choice) is NOT an option for me, nor is it part of my vocabulary. I’d much rather do my magic and find a solution to the puzzle which has presented itself. I love a good puzzle.

Anyway, a teacher of mine once told me not to say, “I can’t”, because it closes you off to possible solutions. Instead, you should say, “How can I?”, as it will allow your mind to immediately, even subconsciously, start to create options and answers.

Well, all I can say is, “I’m game!” Now, I just need to assume the position of Winnie the Pooh and act accordingly… *scratching my head* “Think, think, think”…

We can always overcome our situation when we take on the stance of asking ourselves the right question.

What have you faced recently that feels like a flag, a fear, or perhaps merely a situation you need a solution to?

The Take Away

Ask yourself, “HOW can I ?” and I wouldn’t be surprised that you come up with some amazing and even crazy ideas as to how to find the solution you are looking for. :)