CNA — Week 6 — Political News

Abuse of Power Indictment Dropped Against Rick Perry

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s indictment for abuse of power was dropped by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Wednesday. Perry was indicted by the grand jury in August 2014. In the story by CNN, we read that Perry faced two indictments, but one was dismissed by lower court in July.

Apple Stands Strong Against the FBI

In the wake of the San Bernardino attacks, the FBI demanded Apple’s help in making a back-door program to gain access to one of the attackers iPhones. Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Wednesday defended the FBI’s push against Apple to create the software. In the story, Apple is trying to bring Congress into this debate, while the FBI is trying to keep the problem out of Congress.

Cruz Leads Trump in Texas

Ted Cruz has a double-digit lead over Donald Trump in Texas. According to a poll by Houston Public Media, Cruz has 35% of the Republican primary votes, while Trump has 20%. According to Politico, Texas voters value a candidate who is honest and trustworthy.

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