Exercise 5.10 — Writing Leads 2

Plant Accident

Gross Engineers pipe fitter is in the intensive care unit after suffering third-degree burns on the job.

According to Henry Rosen, project manager for Gross Engineers, Duane LaChance, a 53-year-old pipe fitter for Gross Engineers, based in Petal, Mississippi, suffered third-degree burns while working on Thursday. LaChance was installing new pipes on the roof of the Petal Municipal Power Plant at 222 Power Drive when he accidentally touched his wrench to a power line carrying 15,000 volts.

McCartney Illness

Peter McCartney, the famous rock singer, checked into Riverside Hospital late Wednesday night for exploratory throat surgery.

After having his voice reduced to a whisper Tuesday in front of 1,000 fans at his Bennett Auditorium performance, he is scheduled to have throat surgery Thursday evening.

BOE Meeting

Hattiesburg Board of Education met Wednesday morning after a reported drop of enrollment from 1,250 to 1,050 students, they plan to enact new rules.

In front of the entire board, assistant superintendent Max Hoemmeldorfer said that “This is the third year we’ve lost enrollment. The future looks bleak.” In light of this, the board has decided to pass a group of new rules. The rules include prohibiting female students from wearing mini skirts, prohibiting all students from wearing blue jeans and prohibiting male students from wearing their hair below their ears. The board also accepted a low bid from Farmer’s Dairy to provide milk to the schools at one-half cent a pint.