Who I am, and what is this.

Hello friend,

“Hello Friend”… no that lame. Maybe I should give you a name.

But that’s a slippery slope..

Lets get the boring things out of the way, Who am I? — My Name is Tyler Beverley. Currently, I am a student at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul Minnesota. I am in my first year, and as of right now I am an undeclared Computer Science Major.

I am very interested in the computer science fields of Cypto Currency, blockchain technologies, and other FinTech related things. I hope to one day be an entrepreneur that brings about the next big phase in technology, but that is mostly a dream for now. I also have a strong passion for politics. Although I don’t look to actually put politics into practice, I enjoy sharing my thoughts my thoughts on the matter, as well as trying to understand other’s point of view. Also I welcome you to argue against me, or even point out flaws in my logic.

Right so, what am I even doing writing to you? I’m a computer science major, not a English major. This blog for the most part is going to be for my own personal use, almost as if it was a journal.

I want to use this platform to

  • share my personal philosophies and values
  • document my journey through College, and what insights I have gained
  • to share information about some Computer Science projects that I am working on
  • or to just talk about things I just find interesting.
  • and maybe some gaming things ever so often (Big Fan of Sid Meyer's Civilization serries)

I will be talking to you but I have to remember that you are in my head. I am really just rehashing what I have learned in school, as well as my own thoughts. By pretending that I am talking to you, I will be forced to organize my own thoughts in to a logical matter, and I think that will help me better understand my own thoughts, and what it is I’m doing.

If you haven’t stopped reading yet, here are some interesting topics I think I will cover over the near future are going to be

  • A Python project for beginners that will tell you what you taxes are going to be like under our presidential candidates.
  • Another beginner's project for people that have food allergies, that will take what your cafeteria is serving, and filter out what you can’t eat for you.
  • Why I think “Trickle Down Economics” doesn’t work.
  • Why I switched to Linux.
  • My Life Goals.

P.s. the “Hello Friend” is a tribute to the Mr. Robot series on USA. It is one of the best TV shows I have ever watched, and would highly recommend you go check it out, especially if you are a tech geek like me.