The Christian Case For Not Voting Trump

Early next week the South Carolina primary will go a long way in determining the next Republican Presidential candidate. Right now polls say that person will be businessman Donald Trump, who is leading several polls by double digits. Beyond this, about 60% of GOP voters in South Carolina proclaim Christian faith.

In other words, Donald Trump is running toward the GOP Presidential nomination on the backs of many Christian voters. To say this is concerning would be an incredible understatement. Here’s why:

  1. Donald Trump is the owner of a strip club.
  2. Donald Trump has made much of his money owning casinos which are known to feast on poorer populations to make their money.
  3. Donald Trump has made various disparaging remarks about specific women that shed light on his understanding of women.
  4. Donald Trump has been married to 3 different women.
  5. Donald Trump has made several overtly negative, sweeping statements about entire races and nationalities of various people groups.

For these reasons, and others as well, Trump is the antithesis of a candidate for Christians to support.

If a Christian is supporting Donald Trump, their political views dictate their faith, instead of their faith dictating their political views.

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