Betty’s Best Ice Cream

The first project of the cohort involves us individually creating a webpage for the fictitious Betty, an ice cream shop owner. She had a list of basic requirements for her page, but there were some extra things we could do to spruce it up as well. I attempted fulfilling most of the requirements, and I have to say, it didn’t look terrible. At least, not for a first project.

One aspect that repeatedly gave me headaches was the CSS positioning. The language is definitively precise and one element always seems to be overriding another. It can produce true beauty (see CSS Zen Garden), but in my hands, it’s the equivalent of a Happy Birthday card being drawn by a two year old: the message gets across, and someone experienced might find it amusing, but the styling is far from art. That being said, I am optimistic that improvement will occur.

I was ultimately satisfied with the project, and this cohort is a great experience so far. Upcoming: JavaScript!