NBA is too big to fail…

This is in response to the comparison of salary that an NBA star earns vs that of a military individual. This conversation started on Facebook and has ended up here. On Facebook it had pictured two individuals an NBA rookie (with a salary of $490,180) and an army private (with a salary of $18,564) I don’t know if either is annual salary or what. However upon further inspection the annual salary for a private, according to , is $21,078. This is not a huge difference from one to the other and may be a fairly recent change. I had a bit of difficulty pinning down an average salary for 2016 for NBA stars…. However it appears the top 30 picks are all making millions of dollars annually.

It is easy to see the “Income Inequality” between these two professions. Many think it is an unjust difference = “inequality”. I however propose it is a market decision not one we as citizens of the US can dictate nor should we have that power. These of course are all opinions and you can freely disagree with me.

Now down to tackling the problem of this difference of wages, for all of my friends that think this is of importance. First we should evaluate why the pay is different. My first argument was NBA recruiters are picky and Army recruiters are annoying. (By annoying I mean they contacted me during High School relentlessly). This is a representation of the competition of recruiters vs the competition of the ‘applicants’. It is easy to get into the army (comparatively) and very difficult to get into the NBA.

Lets take a look at the numbers.
The NBA as a league made $4.8 Billion in the 2013/2014 season.
The NBA has 30 teams with about 14 players per team or approximately 420 players sharing a responsibility to the leagues revenue. If split evenly among the players it would be about $11,428,571 or nearly $11.5 million dollars per person.

Compare to Army
Estimated budget for 2013 ($619 Billion divided by 5): $123.8 Billion
Personnel (year 2010, sorry) 541,291 which if split evenly would equal $228,712.47 per personnel.

These are very broad ways of looking at the math but person per person the one budget is much bigger, NBA. Another downside we would have to look at is the expenses of each individual. I’m not gonna pull the numbers for that because it would be ridiculous to try to mimic something exhaustive. Let’s just think about the amount of training and benefits the military men get as one huge expense and the amount of money going into war resources as another huge expense and yet another huge expense going to foreign aid.

I would argue as well that cutting back on any of those three expenses would make the job even less agreeable. Many military personnel are able to survive another day knowing foreign aid is apart of their mission. War is the only true purpose for military so cutting that expense would be ridiculous as a way to increase wage. And many individuals only join thanks to the perks they are offered; think free college.

This budgeting problem is echo’d by a surprising outcry by military leaders year after year complaining they can not afford the essentials of continuing operation.

This is going out to the type of people who inspired this post to begin with. The above may make it sound like our best option is to increase the defense budget as a way to increase military wages. However I say this is ridiculous. The defense budget is funded entirely by taxation. This is paid by all Americans and only steep taxation would make any real difference.
So the question is should we replace one “income equality” with another?


Don’t pay to watch the NBA nor watch it on TV, this is how they make money. If you don’t think they deserve their salary stop supporting it. (I DON’T WATCH SPORTS ;P)

Cut the number of people employed by the military… Most military never see the battlefield anyhow. This would mean fewer overall personnel and obviously a smaller active ‘reserve’. This does however make us “less safe”.

Cut incentives in moving up in rank, this could increase the base pay of the average personnel but could have other negative draw backs.

Hope You Enjoyed Yourself! And Learned Something Along The Way!