I’m not smart, I just sat there for longer than you
Graeme Fulton

Good post. I agree with your outlook on code as a tool/medium. To be honest most front-end developers I know didn’t get into code because they loved programming and engineering, they did it because it allowed them to make products for people. Which is why it’s such a shame that the idea of a ‘creative developer’, someone who empathizes with the user, thinks like a designer and marketer and whose main tool is code, is so under explored. For some reason there’s this weird dichotomy in perception where if you have a comp sci degree you can’t understand users, and if you have a design degree you can’t understand computers, even though there’s a ton of examples of that not being the case.

The current state of front-end is amazing for people who like to render views and it’s amazing for people who like to design screens because it’s easy to see how those skill sets fit within a product organization, but the big question I keep running into is what untapped business value does a ‘creative developer’ bring to an organization that a designer or an engineer doesn’t?

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