Evolve, Adapt, and Grow through Emotional Mastery

I had the opportunity to interview Jennifer Heflin, a powerful writer and personal development coach who helps businesses and employees enhance intuition, innovation and mastery. She is the founder of Angels Evolution, which is the platform for her business to business coaching as well as home to her insightful blogs. Jennifer is also a contributing author in “Living in a Wealthy Life” which is available on Amazon.

Jennifer opens up about experiencing an existential crisis, which ultimately launched her exploration into self discovery and transformed her life. Before she began prioritizing personal growth, she was unfulfilled and would wake up most mornings with dread and a sense of emptiness. Meditation, self-awareness, yoga and emotional mastery along with a deep curiosity about purpose and existence helped her find her passion in life. It became her mission to help individuals and organizations embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation.

Jennifer provides great insight into the power of choice, changes in consumer thought and global shifts in business, and the importance of emotional mastery. She also offers advice to entrepreneurs and business owners about how they can align their personal passions with their ability to succeed in business.

What is your story behind where you got to where you are today and becoming a personal development coach?

Very simply, at some point, I began to feel lost and disenfranchised by the life I had dreamed of versus what it felt like when I arrived at the “destination”. I had so much, yet it all felt so empty. On the outside, I appeared happy and content, but internally I was suffering. I would wake up every morning with a sick feeling in my stomach of fear, dread and confusion. And unbeknownst to me at the time, I was suffocating myself with material items and stuff to prevent myself from feeling; the sadness and the emptiness. I was ignoring the emotions, old wounds and outdated belief systems which needed to be looked at and resolved.

Looking back now, I realize that I had what you could call an existential crisis. I was drowning in stuff and accomplishments but on the inside saddled with intense feelings of confusion, being lost, and knowing that there must be more to life. So I went on a journey of exploration of ancient philosophies and teachings combined with a study of consciousness, the unified field and the nature of existence. I was drawn to anything that I could get my hands on and fascinated about what it taught me about myself, our purpose and our existence.

Simultaneously, I began to gradually and consistently practice meditation, self-awareness, yoga, and emotional mastery. In doing so, I have transformed my life in miraculous ways and experience the world in a whole new way. I cannot remember the last time I woke up with a feeling of dread, fear or confusion. So, after experiencing such extraordinary results, it became my mission and passion to share my techniques with the world. I write, teach, share and offer consultation and guidance to individuals and organizations who are interested in changing their lives and businesses through personal growth.

How can business organizations adapt, find agility, and thrive by implementing strategic personal development platforms?

I believe we are at an inflection point in the history of mankind where we are about to see monumental change in the way we live, work and relate with each other. We are in the early stages of humanity’s evolution in consciousness, which will go hand-in-hand with and be supported by extraordinary advances in science and technology.

And we will begin to see an intersection between consciousness and quantum physics, which will assist us in better understanding our place and purpose in the world, while catalyzing us to broaden are perspectives and alter our value and belief systems on a fundamental level. Basically, humanity is growing up!

Given this backdrop, organizations will be needing to redefine their models and strategies accordingly. One of the primary areas of change will be implementing strategic personal development platforms for employees so that they can develop the self-awareness and learn the tools to help them to evolve throughout this shift and beyond.

And more than that, science is now proving that personal growth practices such as emotional mastery, self-awareness, meditation, and yoga actually enhance creativity, cognitive functioning, productivity, innovation and access to the unified field. I know this from my own experience and now we have the data to back it up, which is so exciting!

Below is part of a proposal that I put together for a client on the benefits and power of implementing of a personal development platform during these times of change.

Investing in the Personal Growth of Employees to Reap Even Greater Rewards:

Enhancing Intuition, Innovation and Mastery

Supplementing growth and development coaching to your business is an efficient and effective method of addressing a vital priority of the global workforce, enhancing the talent brand, and achieving the goal of attracting and retaining talent. However, investing in the personal development of your employees provides a treasure even beyond meeting the needs of the current workforce.

Committing to the personal growth of your employees reveals the hidden gem and source of exponential innovation, growth, and profitability waiting to be uncovered in all businesses; Emotional Mastery. Investing in emotional mastery is becoming a corporate imperative because of the return it provides to all stakeholders, the overall company and the world-at-large.

Personal Development Coaching

Personal development coaching is a process of providing tools and concepts that allow a person to attain mastery of their emotions. The power of emotional mastery is exponential as it clears the human mind of clutter and repetitive thoughts and paves the way for a dramatic increase in intelligence, enhanced cognitive abilities for optimal decision-making, genius innovation, and access to the Unified Field of consciousness.

Thoughts are Things: Learning the Impact of the Intangible

The foundation of personal development coaching in a business setting is providing employees with the understanding that all emotions, thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs are the unseen, intangible influences that create your daily experience. In fact, many people are actually unaware of or unconscious to the impact of these intangible influences, so therefore only accessing a small fraction of their power to mold their reality. And this is why, recent discoveries, such as Nassim Haramein’s and others’, which have granted us with scientific proof of the Unified Field, are so pivotal in supporting humanity in our next octave of emotional development. Essentially, these discoveries lend credence to the energetic field and holographic feedback loop which blankets our existence, connects us all, and is constantly creating our experience based upon our unique interpretation of reality.

The Power of Choice

Once the impact of the intangible influences is established, the next step is providing the power of choice. Employees learn that all thought, emotion, belief and perspective is a choice. And as such, emotional mastery becomes a practice self-awareness, self-responsibility, quieting the mind of repetitive thoughts, and choice.

Once these ancillary concepts are established and understood, employees are given the incentive to embrace the freedom and empowerment offered by learning, practicing and making conscious choice, and ultimately taking back the steering wheel to their life. This also motivates them to embark upon an ongoing process involving honest self-awareness and self-responsibility to gain emotional sovereignty.

Self-Awareness:​An ongoing process of observing your thoughts, emotions, perspectives, beliefs and actions, leading to proactive choice, and ultimately becoming a sovereign and empowered human being.

Self-Responsibility​: An ongoing process, through self-awareness, of taking ownership for all aspects of your life, through the energetic understanding that you are the artisan of your experience, and the desire for empowerment and freedom.

Essentially, emotional mastery is an ongoing practice of being aware of and choosing the feedback you are providing to the Unified Field. So, identifying the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and perspectives that are creating challenges in your life, and choosing new ones that better serve you. And, committing to a daily practice of being aware of your thoughts and emotions, so that you can actively choose what you want to experience.

Transforming the Current Challenges in the Corporate Landscape by Offering Tools of Emotional Sovereignty

At this point, these concepts can be built upon and enhanced through ongoing coaching and practice. Anyone who is unfamiliar with personal development and the results that it yields, may be jaded by the apparent simplicity of it. But, I can tell you from first-hand experience, with my own process as well as coaching others, this path of self-mastery is extremely powerful. And, adding this to your brand, reveals untapped potential, unlimited growth and new sources of profitability. Giving the tools of sovereignty to your employees is truly a remarkable investment, which yields the extraordinary value in talent resources, and will play a pivotal role in transforming current challenges in the corporate landscape into profound opportunity.

What is the importance of creating a culture within an organization and how can a CEO create one?

Culture at its essence is a set of beliefs. Beliefs are guiding principles for perspective, choices, and actions. And beliefs literally form the basis of your reality and creation. Culture is in many ways the steering wheel for any entity — whether it be a large enterprise, smaller organization, family or individual — which subscribes to it.

So, it is essential for a CEO to form, foster and grow a culture to reflect that which he or she wants to create through his or her company. How does a CEO do this? By becoming clear on his or her own beliefs, values and intentions, attracting employees who also feel passionately about this culture and making this the non negotiable foundation for all of the company’s choices and actions. It’s not to say that culture doesn’t evolve. Change is the only constant. This is a universal law. But throughout the ongoing and broadening expansion of culture, it is vital to remain true to these beliefs in all that you intend, do and say. It becomes the lens with which you see the world, fosters deep bonds with employees and clients, and exponentially enhances brand and stakeholder loyalty.

Can you talk about the global shift occurring within all business industries and the drivers of them?

We are entering into an unprecedented time in human history, whereby we are undergoing a shift in consciousness that will change everything, particularly the culture and methodologies of our corporate structures. All systems and industries will evolve and elevate to new levels, such that coherence, integrity, transparency and responsibility, along with working knowledge of the Unified Field, become the vital components of a successful business model.

Drivers of this shift:

Changes within the corporate arena​: An ever-increasing number of leaders, CEOs and visionaries are harnessing the power of embracing these higher values and working with the field of consciousness. As these thought-leaders demonstrate the strength and ultimate success from running their companies through a new lens, others within the industry will follow their example, and the trend will send ripples through the corporate landscape.

A growing and new perspective demonstrated by consumers, customers, clients, end-users​: We are seeing this group begin to adjust their ‘purchasing and consumption habits’ to companies that authentically align with this new model. In particular, consumers are developing a very low tolerance for companies, and their products and services, which do not operate with these higher values. This dynamic is enhanced exponentially by the ever-increasing transparency that the internet provides. Information and awareness has become ubiquitous, and consumers have become much more savvy and discerning. This trend will begin to explode in the next few years.

A new emotional maturity within humanity​: This new emotional maturity will be catalyzed by a disillusionment of global population, and in the US, in particular, of the ‘old paradigm’ business practices. Previously accepted methods of conducting business, such as greed, ‘survival of the fittest’, ‘an eye for an eye’, disregard for causing environmental harm, and lack of transparency, will be increasingly viewed as a ‘broken’ model, which no longer serves our highest interests. But more importantly, humanity will begin to want to find a balance within the capitalist system, whereby we are able to make a profit, but at the same time leave society and the world better for it. Humanity will aspire to a new level of conscious capitalism.

An an ongoing, deeper understanding of the patterning of the fabric of space/time (otherwise known as the Unified Field or Collective Consciousness)​: ​Nassim Haramein’s​ discovery of the self-organizing, communicative movement of the subatomic particles at the base level of all space and matter has catapulted our understanding of the inherent holographic, entangled nature of our reality. This knowledge and new understanding will be utilized across industries to reinvent the business model using the field of consciousness, energy and vibration.

What does leadership mean to you and how do you implement it in your life?

The idea of leadership is rapidly changing from what we previously believed. If I were to describe my idea of a CEO exhibiting leadership in this rapidly changing environment, I would focus on the following four qualities.

  1. Coherence ​- Developing a clarity about the tectonic shift occurring in all areas of life and what that means for your particular organization. We are moving from a linear world to an exponential one. In a linear world, ten iterations bring you to ten. In an exponential or quantum paradigm, the tenth iteration becomes 10 billion. So that is quite impactful to a business model. So what does that all mean, what do you believe and how can your business make an impact in this new landscape.
  2. Integrity​- After gaining coherence about this new landscape, you naturally gain a richer picture of the values which truly matter to your business in its day to day operations. And then quite simply, run your business according to these values and without compromise. Consumers will begin to not only demand this level of integrity. I see the trend occurring already. So it will become a basic requirement for a business to stay afloat and be profitable. For example, if your company is aligned with contributing positively to the environment, but your company’s 401(k) Plan offers a fund that is actually damaging rainforests — then this will be revealed and consumers will begin to go elsewhere for the same product or service. We are at a point in time where there is little wiggle room for companies operating with a lack of integrity.
  3. Transparency ​- I am sure that it’s not a surprise that this quality is on my list as it is being increasingly raised to the forefront of our awareness. The value of transparency really gained traction with the internet, and now with the advent of blockchain technology, is beginning to blossom on a global basis. Many of the challenges we are sorting through now are a result of the lack of visibility and clarity. This experience will teach us all a great lesson about the power and need for transparency, and it will serve as a beacon of truth for enterprise going forward.
  4. Responsibility​- This is simply the ability to respond. Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, you empower yourself and your employees by being on the front lines and taking ownership for both success and failure. Forget about “passing the buck”, claiming ignorance or pointing fingers elsewhere, a leader owns all of it — which is a phenomenal example for his employees and creates a culture where it’s the norm rather than the exception.

And these are the same four qualities I focus on in my own life and work so that I am modeling characteristics of leadership. It’s an ongoing practice:

  1. Coherence​- An ongoing assessment of where I am, where I am going and how I need to adjust my belief systems and values accordingly to arrive at the desired destination. Yes, there are some basic truths for me, but as I continue to growand evolve, my perspective expands and I then adjust my belief systems and life direction accordingly.
  2. Integrity​- An ongoing self-monitoring to make sure that I am actually living the truth of my belief systems and values. I must walk the walk, not just talk the talk.
  3. Transparency​- Again, this is an ongoing practice primarily of being transparent with myself. Are there belief systems which I should consider setting aside for a broader and higher perspective? Am I hanging onto old emotions from past experiences which need to be let go of and replaced by new empowered feelings? So it’s a kind of self-maintenance transparency program. I must be transparent to myself.
  4. Responsibility​- And finally, but possibly most importantly, am I taking responsibility for my life and work — for my creation? Humanity has lived for millenia perceiving our experience as happening to us. Ancient scholars and philosophers — and now science — is telling us that we are actually happening to our experience. It’s the other way around. Our life is our creation. And it takes some time and practice to flip the script on that perception, so that we can use it to our advantage. That’s actually our superpower. We just have to get comfortable using it.

And all of this leads us to becoming empowered, sovereign human beings and extraordinary leaders of ourselves, our organizations and our world.

What are practical ways to master your emotions?

Practice, Practice, Practice! Emotional Mastery is a skill you learn like riding a bike. You can also think of it as a muscle which you are building. Either way, practice is required. And these are the primary skills to practice as you become sovereign and empowered:

1- First, you must be aware that you have the option to choose your beliefs, emotions and focus — that you aren’t a prisoner of your experience but rather a chooser of it. Emotions, in particular, are information with the purpose of guiding us, but they were never meant to take away the power of choice.

2- Next, it’s important to begin a practice of exploring your belief systems. What do you believe about the world and your experience? This is obviously an ongoing exploration and self-discovery.

3- Once you have gained a better understanding of what you believe, you can then actually begin to pick and choose the beliefs you would like to keep and the ones that it’s time to relinquish. Many of our beliefs were inherited from our parents, teachers, ministers, etc, who told us that this is the way it is, and we therefore never actually conducted our own due diligence on what is actually true for us. This is a very important aspect of the process of emotional mastery because our beliefs are at the foundation of the reality we experience.

4- The final piece of the puzzle is to begin a working and on-going self-awareness practice — become the observer of your thoughts and experience — in order to gain a deeper coherence regarding the connection between your inner world and your life, as well as to transform into the architect of it.

These four steps are simple and practical ways of becoming emotionally sovereign and empowered.

What paradigm and perspective should a young entrepreneur or business owner adopt in order to become successful?

My best advice is to make sure that you are actually excited about your business — meaning, let your business be a reflection of something that you love and truly believe will make a difference in the world. Your business should be your way of making a dent in the universe — a positive impact on all that is — and find excitement about doing it every day. And know that if you are doing something that you love, something that makes a difference in your life and the world, you will be abundantly supported and guided by the universe. That’s just the way reality functions. It’s not woo-woo. It’s physics.

Can you talk about how people are working so hard instead of letting life work for them?

The ego aspect of self — which you can think of as your personality self — can become very quickly irritated when we latch onto control and dominate every detail of our experience with an iron fist. This state of being leads to feelings of ‘life is so hard’ and ‘everything is a struggle’, which then becomes a feedback loop of grueling effort for which it seems there is no escape. The issue is that we are asking the ego to do more than it was designed to do. The ego has one primary purpose. And that is, to keep you focused in your experience. That’s it.

But we human beings are very good at overloading the ego with burdens, tasks and concerns which are not really its job. We pile jobs on the ego, until it becomes aggravated, testy and sometimes downright mean.

When I find myself exhausted by all that I need to accomplish, I revisit my toolbox of wisdom to find balance. And I practice the art of surrender. Surrender is giving up thinking that the ego has to manage everything. The irony is that when we relinquish our need to manipulate, coerce and effort, we have more control over our life and destiny. It just doesn’t feel that way because most of us learned to manage our experience from the opposite perspective. But, the divine intelligence that we all embody — which is actually each of us but from a higher and broader perspective — knows exactly what is going on, where we are going and how we are going to get there.

What is the difference between highly successful business owners and average ones?

Passion — are you excited about what you are bringing to the table. And you cannot fake that. So find your excitement, build THAT business, and everything else will naturally follow.

How do you guide and support all of humanity to access the empowerment and sovereignty within each and every one of us?

The answer to this question is one that is a work-in-progress for me. I am currently in the middle of creating the best online tools and teaching platforms that I can offer to this end. But ultimately this is the destiny of humanity. We are moving away from the experience of victim and savior toward the truth of empowered and sovereign. It’s not a matter of “if”, but rather “when”.

There are so many powerful tools and understandings available. The first step for anyone is to begin to do their own research and learn as much as they can on their own. And then set the intent and keep a lookout for a mentor, classes, and websites which will continue to support you on your journey. And please feel free to head over to my site ​Angels Evolution​, where I write frequently about emotional mastery and reality creation, offer individual sessions and I will soon be have podcasts and online teaching tools available.

Who have been your mentors and what life lessons have they taught you?

From a spiritual perspective, ​Steffany Barton​has worked with me since 2012 and has been tirelessly at my side to teach me, guide me through some of the rougher terrain and support me on my journey. She is an extraordinary human being and a passionate advocate for the power of the vibration of love who has a deep connection with Spirit.

But otherwise, I have a wonderful family — husband, three children, parents, sisters, nieces, and nephews — all who beautifully serve as a reflection of my own consciousness and how to continue to expand and grow within.

From all the experience and knowledge you have now, what would you have told yourself when you first started?

Great question! As I look back now, I would have told myself the following.

  1. The only thing that is real in all of existence is Love. So there is never anything to fear. Ever. Believe that and so it will be.
  2. All of reality is created from within — yes, that’s where it all begins — so don’t allow anyone to distract you from your truth or create doubt within you. Don’t look for outside recognition — that is something that you find inside of yourself first.
  3. Hold the vibration of love — gratitude, empathy, discernement, courage, and truth — deep within yourself at all times. See the world from that vantage point and perspective and you cannot fail.

What books do you recommend?

A book that I found to be very powerful as it pertains to emotional mastery and the ability to choose your perspective is Victor Frankl’s, ​Man’s Search for Meaning.

Another great read to begin to understand the role that the heart plays in our body — which happens to be much more than pumping blood — is ​The Heart’s Code​by Dr. Paul Pearsall. It was published in 1998 to little fanfare or media accolades but I can tell you that it is groundbreaking information and the impact of it’s wisdom and insights is coming.

If you enjoyed what Jennifer Heflin has to offer, connect with her on LinkedIn.




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