This Chinese Temple Changed My Life

I am a person who is always looking to learn and step out of my comfort, especially when it comes to learning new cultures and philosophies.

I came across this Chinese Temple during my stay in Koh Phangan.

Traditionally, men must wear shirts with sleeves and women must not wear anything too revealing. You must take your shoes off as well before you get up close to the altars.

As I approached the altar avoiding exotic insects with my bare feet, I came across this:

If you read the list of ten ways of though, the first one reads:

“Never wish to have no illness.”

At first this struck me as strange as someone who has grown up in the modern education system, to never have two negatives.

Then the more times I read it and pondered it, it hit home.

The first way of thought along with many others basically just mean

Be present in the moment.

Anytime we worry, it will be about a future event that might happen or we worry about something we did in our past that might affect us in the future.

I know this always happens to me while I am running to and from “The Press” (my gym in Koh Phangan) and I pass by several rabid dogs.

The first thought that comes to mind is:

Please don’t fu*^ing bite me.”

Then I realize and think about, “Never wish to have no danger.”

This reassures me that if I am fully present in the NOW then everything will be alright.

Anytime we worry or think about danger, we are focusing on things that MIGHT happen instead of focusing on our present by deciding what we should do today to set us up for tomorrow.

If you are at a point where you are unsure in life, just focus in the present and be fully aware of being.

This will provide clarity and peace of mind.

This temple changed how I looked at life and put things into perspective for me about focusing on the NOW in all aspects of life: eating, running, sleeping, talking, doing work, etc.

I challenge you to be more aware and focus on the present moment.